Watch guide and review – Best summer watches 2019

Watch guide – summer is here

Watch guide for the summer is here, the sun is out and the beach is calling. Remember, when we say summer, we instantly think of beach, water, and outdoor adventures. So, we upgrade our accessories, gadgets to a more reliable and convenient companion during the summer season. We make sure that, we have all our expensive things waterproof, scratch proof, and durability at its best. This includes our summer watches. if you are thinking of purchasing a new watch for the summer this guide is just for you.

Watch guide – the selection of summer watches

Here is a selection of sports watch that can accompany you to all kinds of summer occasions:

Watch guide - the selection of summer watches

Watch guide – selection #1

  • Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36

It comes with a back-to-basics 36mm case, fully brushed, a super-clean glossy black dial, an over-the-par quality of construction, a reliable automatic movement, and even a vintage-inspired design that adds to the aesthetic of the watch. Also, these watches for men are a pleasure on the wrist with its smaller case, and you’ll have to worry about your girl stealing this away from you.

Watch guide – selection #2

  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 ref. 114300

This is probably the simplest creation of Rolex, but don’t get me wrong. This Rolex Oyster is actually appealing and livelier than you think. First, it’s brand, Rolex. It means a lot: superb quality, indestructible and super-precise movement, immense aura but not too visible on the wrist and the benefits of the new style of Rolex, thinner and more tapered. It comes with a 39mm case which is perfectly proportioned. Moreover, the lugs are thin and if you’re looking for comfort, it’s also a perfect score for this watch.

Watch guideselection #3

  • IWC Ingenieur Automatic

This watch comes in a 40mm case and everything you’ll find in a sports-luxury watch. It has the bold bezel, the integrated bracelet, the clean dial and mainly, the DNA of its ancestor, the Ingenieur Jumbo SL designed by Gerald Genta in 1976. Whether you’re out at the beach, in a diner, or dressed with a suit, the IWC Ingenieur Automatic is still the perfect match for you. It comes in the colors of either blue or black.

Watch guide – the winner

Omega Globemaster Master Chronometer

With its highly innovative anti-magnetic and METAS certified movement, this is the one for proper tech. It’s also resistant to magnetic resonance, which isn’t really a need for summer. But who knows, maybe waxing a surfboard could create a magnetic field. This best wristwatches for the summer season was the first Omega to bear the “Master Chronometer” certification and it re-introduces a vintage-inspired look, with its fluted bezel, pan-pie dial and integrated lugs. So also, it has a blue dial with a stainless steel bracelet, it even gains a sporty look, being easily wearable for a seaside ride.

Watch guide – pick the right summer watch for your wrist

Watch guide is a short guide on how you can choose the right summer watch this summer season. Always be mindful of the straps as this is the largest part of the watch that will have the most contact with your wrist. Choosing the perfect strap is also very important. Certainly, you are now ready to pick the right summer watches for your wrist.