Watch Guide – Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting a Quartz Watch

Watch Guide – watch wearer’s guide in buying the right watch for their wrist.

You love mechanical and automatic watches. They, however, are more expensive than their quartz counterparts. In this situation, the obvious choice might be to just forego with them and get a good quartz watch instead. Well, that is not really a bad idea but before making any final plans. It would be better if you look first at what a quartz watch for men and women can offer other than getting a better deal with its cost. Better learn from a watch guide.

Before we attempt to dissect the pros and cons of this kind of men and women’s watches. Let us first have a short overview of it. For the regular men and women out there. It is 90 percent sure that what you have right now on your wrist is quartz. This is because quartz watches are very affordable, easy to use and nicely accurate. Truly worthy of the money invested in them, right?

What is a quartz watch?

In comparison with other leading types of watches available in the market like the automatic and mechanical varieties. Quartz is powered by batteries. This means that they do not possess a mainspring and are instead reliant on electricity produce by batteries to make it move and work. In lieu of the mechanism provided by mainsprings. The battery is the one that sends the electricity through a small quartz crystal.

Therefore triggering the crystal to vibrate 32,768 times per second. As a result, the vibrations are measured by a circuit, which then changes the vibration into a pulse, which then serves to move the second hand on the watch. It is due to the fact that this type of men and women’s watches utilizes electric pulses to move the second hand, that they have produced a distinctive “tick tick tick” movement. This type of movement is different from the smooth movements of mechanical or automatic watches.

Watch Guide for Men and Women

watch guide

So now on with its perceived Advantages and Disadvantages:

Watch GuideAdvantages

  • Accurate. Due to the fact that it mainly powered by electricity through its battery, quartz is more accurate done its automatic or mechanical counterparts. For this reason, most activities that rely heavily on accuracy; like field and sports watches, opt for this type of movement over others. It is indisputably the most accurate among all the movements.
  • Very affordable. Compared again to other types this one often comes 1/10 their price. Not bad, if you think about the accuracy it presents. So accurate and cheap, a great combination, if you ask me.
  • Low Maintenance. Well, except for the regular need to change batteries then it does not really require much attention by way of maintenance.
  • Not too Sensitive to the Environment. Since it has few parts in it, it is also not that vulnerable to dust, shocks and even the magnet. Needless to say, you still need to stir clear of those elements, but the watch can get by without too much fuss.

Watch Guide Disadvantages:

  • Not as Smooth. Due to the way, it’s powered and the mechanism within, it does not naturally have the smooth movements of the automatic and mechanicals men and women’s watches.
  • Less Drama. Looking at the watch and having an idea about it was made can give the feeling of connectivity with it. This is not that distinctly felt in this type because of its simple structure and mechanism. Some also interpret that as less value.

Watch Guide

With the help of this watch guide, watch wearer can easily find the best timepiece for him or her especially if they like a quartz watch. Most watches have advantages and disadvantages that help you decide which watch is better for your wrist. Read the watch guide to be able to find the best watch in the marketplace. However, the important thing is that you get the watch that you like and wear it contentedly.

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