Watch Guide – 8 Types of Watch Bezels

Watch Guide – your guide in choosing watch bezels for your watch

For those who really have an interest in women and men’s watches, you might wonder what bezels are. The answer to this question is quite simple; it is the rim of the watch case or cover. Depending on the type of watch, it can either be plain, with designs or surrounded by precious stones. The truth is that there are several types of bezels available in the market. So, here are the top choices to watch bezels.

Watch Guide

watch guide

Watch Guide1.  PLAIN BEZEL

This is a favorite of many because it is fix and easy to pair up with anything. Men’s watches that do not have any number of markings are an example of plain bezels. They do not also have any actual function and are just there as an extra feature.

Watch Guide2.  COUNT-UP BEZEL

This one actually has a 0 to 60 count upscale that serves to align with the minutes in an hour. It is very useful for those who need the capacity to count the elapsed time once you set it; making it a good sports companion. 


It is a type that is somewhat similar to the count-up bezel. The difference between the two though is that the count-down bezels work in reverse meaning counting from 60 to 0. This is the best used as a stopwatch for cyclists, racers, or runners.  

Watch Guide4.  TACHYMETER

This is another type that is best to find in wristwatches for men or women who love either sports or traveling.  It is another common bezel in timepieces. This will do well to help measure the speed based on the length of time traveled at a given distance.

Watch Guide5.  TELEMETER

Out with the common and in with the unique. This bezel is rare, a classic even. People in the past used it to measure the distance between the person and the location where something is heard or seen. Very helpful during for soldiers during the war and in the field these days. 


Greenwich Mean Time or GMT as it is now more popularly called is most likely to be one of the most upfront types of the bezel for men or women’s watch. It also comes with the usual 24 hours marking. Another nice thing about it is that it can be set to the time zone of where the wearer is traveling to, no need for adjustments.

Watch Guide7.  COMPASS

This type of bezel is commonly the choice for analog watches for hikers, and trekkers and others who are into those kinds of outdoor fun. It is a compass so you can just imagine that it is marked with North, South, East, and West letters, that can be used for navigation. 

Watch Guide8.  PULSOMETER

The pulsometer is another one of those classical types that first made its debut in the early 1900s. Back then it was the favorite wristwatch of doctors because it was very useful in estimating a patient’s heartbeat. You will know if what you have is a pulsometer through its standard markings that are characterized by a scale of 40 to 200.

Have you decided which types of watch bezels to choose? Well, better read again the watch guide before deciding to own one. The important thing is you know what you want and make sure that this watch will satisfy you. Choose wisely to be able to wear the watch happily!

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