Watch Care Tips-How to Store and Maintain the watch for men and women

Watch Care Tips – guidelines on how to take care of your watch and how to maintain its exquisiteness.

Unquestionably, people wear wristwatches to check the exact time while they are in their workplace or anywhere. Even if we are living in a high tech world and have mobile phones to look for the time. Still, we wear our timepiece to ensure that it’s correct. So, if you recently bought a watch, or just happened to have one. Here are some watch care tips on how to store and maintain your watch.

watch care tips for watch wearers

9 Watch Care Tips to consider on how to store and maintain your watch:

Watch Care Tips #1 – Get storage right

You arrive home from a long day, taking off accessories — and tossing your watch on the nearest table. There, it’s exposed to humidity and dust — which are the main enemies of watches. Humidity can get into watches, and that moisture can destroy dials and cause movements to rust. Watches should be store away from light. Light can sometimes fade black dials on vintage watches into ‘tropical’ brown.

Watch Care Tips #2 – Ensure valuable pieces

Owners should properly insure their valuables — unfortunately, because they are small, portable, and fairly liquid assets, women’s watches are often targeting for theft. I suggest buying your watch some sort of container where it can be safe, or you could put it somewhere deep inside your drawers, enough to keep it from theft.

Watch Care Tips #3 – Should you wear valuable watches?

Whether vintage or new, collectors often enjoy wearing their watches — though only under the right circumstances. It depends on the age of the watch — those from the Thirties and Forties can be more sensitive to humidity, depending on the case design, while often with watches from the Sixties onwards you don’t have to worry quite as much

Watch Care Tips #4 – Service regularly

You should have your watch serviced every few years by a reliable specialist. In general, experts suggest having frequently-worn watches serviced every three to five years. If you store a watch properly and only wear it a couple of times a year, it might not need to be serviced quite so regularly.

Watch Care Tips #5 – Communicate with your watchmaker

Communicating with one’s watchmaker or the company would probably profitable in some way. If you do not want parts replaced or the watch polished, you absolutely must tell them. Even if you do, mistakes can happen where watches for women were accidentally polished or had other aesthetic alterations were done that significantly damaged the piece’s value and could not be undone.

Watch Care Tips #6 – Maintain dials and bezels

Typically most of the value of a watch resides in the dial, so it is vital these remain original if possible. It’s the main part of your timepiece, which should be taken care of genuinely. It’s better if it’s not replaced, so maintain it as fine as you can.

Watch Care Tips #7 – Replace crystals with care

In terms of aesthetic value, crystals are the least important parts of the watch. Although it would be a plus if your crystal stayed original, some just need to be replaced. When the crystals are cracked or scratched, they could harm the watch’s aesthetic.

Watch Care Tips #8 – Original straps

Just like other parts, the strap or the bracelet is more valued to collectors when original. Sometimes, they provide an aesthetic feature to the watch. It is very rare to find an appropriate strap on a vintage watch since most of them are worn out and replace over time, but it is still a plus point if the bracelet stays original.

Watch Care Tips #9 – Look after movements

Movements are the engine of a watch and, as such, need to be kept in good working order; this is where trusted watchmakers earn their money. If some parts are in contact with dust or moisture, they may become damaged.

watch care tips for men and women

Watch care tip– to make a watch lasts for years depends on how well you maintain your watch

Furthermore, watch care tips are a helpful guideline for us. Your watch may reflect on your personality. So, it depends on how you take care of your belongings. Listening to some advice and reading articles on the internet will also be a good option. If you want to maintain your watch’s exquisiteness then try to follow some watch care tip. For sure, your watch will gloss endlessly.

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