Watch care guide – how to take care of your watch properly

Watch care – taking care of our watch appearance

In taking care of our appearance, we always make sure to have a decent and clean set of clothes. Maybe accessories that matched well too. But there’s something we often forget and refuse to wash or clean. That’s our watch. We should know the watch care tips.

Watch care – Necessary fashion accessory that you should take care of

You could be the kind of guy who wears silver cuff-like bracelets or one that appears to be a chain. It could also be that cheap wristband with your favorite artist’s name. We all love putting even the most random bracelets on our wrists, but the most necessary ones are watches for men to keep track of time.

Watch care tip #1 – consider your watch as your most prized possession

Do you consider it as your most prized possession? I mean—it’s not required to be “prized,” but we all know it’s something we look at almost every other second. Speaking of watch care, did you ever consider cleaning it? Maybe not, since you think the only important purpose of it is to know what time it is.

Watch car tip #2 – keep the stink away

When it comes to maintenance, men’s watches and accessories are often missed.  You’ve probably heard of conversations about “stinky smells” pertaining to men’s leather watches, or those who took off their expensive Rolexes only to find grime in between the links. If you think using a Q-tip would be enough, try and you wouldn’t like what you’ll see.

watch maintenance for men and women

Watch care tip #3– The easiest technique: Nightly routine

Every night, we wash our face, making sure it stays clean, spotless and smooth. Your watch would also appreciate some cleaning. Think of an average day—firstly and the most common, sweat. We can never avoid sweating under our watches since it’s wrapped around our all-day perspiring skin. Cleaning it every night would be a good way if you’re not lazy enough. I mean— sparing a minute just to wipe it clean would be fine, right?

Watch care tip #4 – Always have a clean cloth to wipe your watch with

Watch care tip #4 - Always have a clean cloth to wipe your watch with

With a clean cloth, wipe the inside of the band. Afterward, do the same; gently wipe the case back. It will remove excess moisture and residue throughout the entire day you wore it.

Watch care tip #5 – Dish soap can actually clean your watch too

If you’re a perfectionist, nightly wiping would most probably not be enough for you. This other technique might be just the one you’d want to try. And in that case, the best thing you can find inside your house is dish soap.

Watch care tup #5 - Dish soap can actually clean your watch too

Just like your dishes, dish soap can actually clean your watch too. Even some other things other than dishes. Dish soaps are made to remove grease, and it is light on alcohol. It’s suitable for synthetic rubber, like that one amazing device that works more than just a watch. If you guessed “Apple Watch,” then you’re correct!

Watch care tip #6 – set up a bowl of lukewarm water

First, set up a bowl of clean warm water, and another one containing warm soapy water with a small amount of antibacterial soap. Next to that, carefully dip the strap of your watch. Of course, exclude the watch case if you don’t want a clean but broken watch. Then, take it out and gently scrub it with a clean toothbrush. (Not necessarily new.) To remove the excess soap, dip the strap into the plain, clean warm water. Lastly, dry it with a soft cloth or a low-powered hairdryer for a faster process.

Watch care tip – closing reminders, you have to wait for it to dry before wearing it.

Furthermore, you have learned some watch care tips. Try to follow them because for sure your watch will be spotless. If you watch your favorite timepiece to be like a new one for a long time then read the watch care tips. Put it in my mind that you watch reflects your personality.

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