Watch Band Guide – Learning about the top Sports watch band

Watch Band – is a bracelet that straps a wristwatch onto the wrist

There is just something very masculine with a man’s watch with natural rubber or silicone watch straps. It may not be the sexiest thing, but they sure provide that “ race car driver or deep sea diver” appeal. Before going into an enumeration on their benefits and choice types, it would I guess be better to have a glimpse as to their similarities or differences as the watch band maybe.

What is natural rubber

The term “natural rubber” was originally reserved for materials that came from the sap of rubber trees. This is not the rubber we are referring to as used on men and women’s watches. Rubber as manufacturer use nowadays, however, would be any form of polymers.

Silicone rubber watch band

Silicone rubber, on the other hand, comes from polymers which were produced with resin as one of the primary materials. The silicone rubber is more of the “synthetic” variety tend to fall short when compared with the natural one’s characteristics and advantages. It has a lower tensile strength in comparison, but to its benefit, it offers better resistance to an extreme temperature which is lacking in the organic type. Both types obviously have their pros and cons to them. In the end, it comes down to which will you prioritize in relation to your intent.

Whichever the choice turns, it would be wise to have a bird’s eye view on how different types of rubber watch straps. You might just be amazed at the number of rubber straps there are available for your men or women’s watch strap needs.

Watch BandWaffle Strap or ZLM01

watch band

It was originally called when it was developed by Seiko for their divers watch in 1967. It got its name from the waffle-iron shape on top of the bracelet.

Watch Band – Zuludiver PU NDL

This is recognizable since it has a no-decompression limits table printed on it. It tells the wearer ( more for the diver) the elapsed time you can spend underwater at a given time. This was really helpful back in the days where there was no handy gadget to automatically provide this information.

Watch BandElite Silicone

This type comes several measurements of lug widths (18, 20 and 22 mm) and includes quick-release bars. Allows diver to change easily even without tools.

Watch BandTropic

This was has a Swiss seal as it is originally Swiss-made. Favored by many for their men’s watches for diving and other waterproof models. It is thin, with a diamond-shaped outer pattern, while on the reverse side it has a waffle pattern.

Watch BandIsofrane 1968

These types were first released during the 1960s, basically for professional divers. It was designed to ensure that the timepieces stay firmly attached to the wrist of the scuba divers.

Watch BandNatural Rubber

This is distinctive as it looks very much like a leather model, because of its size and taper. It is made basically from high-quality unvulcanized rubber (caoutchouc).

Watch BandCurved End Rubber

It especially comes with a Tang buckle for Rolex men’s watches. First introduced by Everest through their founder Mike DiMartini. The curved end of this type is specifically placed to fit the case of a Rolex.

Watch Band – great straps for your watch

Indeed, it will be easy for you to find the wristwatch band that fits your wrist. The important thing is it provides comfort to your wrist whenever you wear it. Every watch strap has its own amazing features in which you can wear it daily even in sports activities. So, pick the right strap for your watch!