Watch Band Guide: Different types of leather bands

Watch Band – used as a security symbol

Men’s and women’s watches collection will always include at least one or two leather watches in them. A personal favorite, but I must admit my knowledge is limited to a choice of either “synthetic” or “genuine”. Nevertheless, I love them.

There are I know many like me, who enjoy these types of watch straps but have limited if not zero knowledge about them. So, here is a quick watch band guide that might help you choose the best companion for your fave men and women’s watch.

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Watch Band – 1. Aniline Leather

For starters, it would be good to know that aniline is a dyeing agent that helps maximize and even improve the natural beauty of the hide. However, though it improves the material only about 5% of it can be utilized. This means then that as much as it makes it look better, it does however nothing to protect it. This where the aniline leather got its name, due to the dyeing process it undergoes.

This type of leather goes well with luxury men’s and women’s watches. Aniline is considered as top quality leather.  Hence, it also cost higher than the regular variety.

Other than being beautiful, the price is also because of its very natural look, softness, manageability and very subtle odor of the hide. All these giving a real authentic feel to the wearer. Favored by Zulu and NATO straps material.

Watch Band – 2. Semi-aniline Leather

Aniline, as mentioned can be a bit difficult to handle and expensive as well. The problem prompted its maker to come up with a less vulnerable and better-protected version. Hence, the birth of the semi-aniline type.

This variety has thin topcoat that serves as light protection for minor damages and stresses. It makes the material stronger and more durable. This does not, however, have the comfort and quality that the full aniline gives. Furthermore, unlike the latter, it does not also age as nicely as the other one. Protects your prized watches for men or women, but does not add to its charm and beauty.

Watch Band – 3. Pigmented Leather

It does not have the natural markings that both the aniline and semi-aniline have. This does not also possess the same pliability and softness. It also lacks the subtle animal scent.

In other words, this type worked so hard to ensure that the hide is protected to the extent that the latter lost its essence in the process. This is therefore for customers who do not really care much for the natural hide feel but are more concerned with preserving its leathery look and durability. As the old saying goes, different strokes for different folks. It depends now on what the wearer would like to prioritize in their authentic leather watch straps.

Watch Band – 4. Synthetic Leather

By the name itself, it’s obvious that it’s not the real deal but something like it in a manner of speaking. According to the process of how they are made, there are two types of synthetic leathers.

  • PU leather – this one uses a polyurethane coating, this material covers fabric
  • PVC leather – this type is mostly made of plastic, hence the plastic odor it emits.

Watch Band

Men and women are wearing watches nowadays for several reasons. One of the reasons is it tracks their activities in a day and a good match to their outfit of the day. Few individuals would choose a leather watch band for their timepiece since it’s wearable in all seasons. Of course, you wear your watch because it’s convenient and comfortable.                                  

If you are looking for the best leather band, try to check these lists.