Top best watch straps for summer

Watch strap guide for the summer season

When the summer season is arriving, we are preparing ourselves for the warmer season in terms of outfit, shoes, accessories, and activities as well. Your watch strap should be included in the list for summer preparation. Yes, your watch also requires attention in changing from spring to summer. This especially applies if your watch has a leather strap. Leather and heat are not good buddies, and it is very important that if you have genuine leather, that you do not expose the leather to sweat, heat, sun, dust, and oil. Because leather is a porous material and is not water-resistant, which means leather cannot handle sweat very well. And, who would like to walk around with a smelly watch strap during summer? Therefore, we created this article to help you choose the proper watch strap to use during the summer season. Read below and learn about the different watch straps that are summer-friendly.

What is the best watch strap to use during the summer?

Fabric and NATO straps are the best straps to use during summer, not only are they fresh and breathable, but they are also very durable and can withstand water, heat, sweat and oil. They both come in a variety of colours and styles; they also provide the perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour to your wrist to go along with your summer outfit. So, here are other few watch straps that will be ideal for the summer season.

Rubber watch straps

It may sound as if a rubber watch strap would become a sweaty mess, but they wear cool and don’t retain moisture so your wrist isn’t swimming in sweat. What is actually shocking is how difficult it is to find a good one. If you are in the market for a rose gold Yachtmaster, get the full-on Oysterflex bracelet. For everyone else, there is Switzerland’s Rubber B. It is think molded rubber staps are insanely comfortable, totally waterproof, hypoallergenic, and custom fit for a variety of other Rolex and Panerai watches.

Here is the full review of Switzerland’s Rubber B.

watch straps Switzerland's Rubber B.

Affordable alternative to rubber watch straps –  ISOfrane strap

watch straps -   ISOfrane 1968 strap

The ISOfrane was the original comfy diver’s strap and was the choice of Professionals. Its wear-ability has never been surpassed not only for the way it feels seamless on the wrist due to design but also because of its built-in micro-adjustability, due not only to tang slot spacing but also from the give associated with the compound used. With the temperature changes associated with diving, wrist size can change rapidly. ISOfrane watch straps are soft, durable, and comfortable, and possibly the best summer watch you will ever find.

Perlon watch straps

Perlon straps are braided style watch straps, which are perfect for summer wear and works particularly well in a variety of situations. These items come in a wide variety of colours as well as offering one of the best watch straps in summer for fashion and versatility.

Here is our choice of Perlon Strap – W&S Braided Woven Watch Strap

watch straps WS Braided Woven Watch Strap

There is an art to being confident and feeling great about yourself and it includes your watch feels. W&S Braided Strap Woven Watch strap is simple yet very fashionable, the strap is a high-quality strap and is a great replacement summer watch strap.

Watch straps – Steel bracelets/ Mesh Bracelets

The steel bracelet is nice in summer provided you don’t fasten it too tight around your wrist and the best thing about it is it won’t soak up any sweat. When it comes to metal bracelets for your watch, you ought to be careful when choosing one, as looks and feel can deceive. There are different types of watch band and have different characteristics and appeal. When you buy a mesh Milanese band, you really do get what you pay for. Mindful of the price difference between cheap mesh bracelets and high-quality equivalents.

What makes a perfect watch for the summer?

There is really no set formula but definitely go with summer watches that are affordable, tough, and of course, stylish. Something that can handle your summer excursions, waterproof, resistant proof and of course you need to consider the strap your watch is combined with.

What to look for in a summer watch strap

  • Colour accents – A white face with a pop of colour gives off a more casual look.
  • Water-resistance – There is a different type of level of water resistance, you should at least get 100M if you should go for a swim with your watch.
  • Shock resistance – Adventure ready watch is a must during your summer activities, a self-recharging battery, and water resistance ensure that your timepiece is ready for that upcoming hike or camping trip.
  • Comfortable strap – Over the course of the day, your wrist actually changes sizes with the temperature. Look for a strap that is comfortable, breathable and adjustable.

maintenance of summer watch straps

Not so many watch wearers realize that taking care of their watch strap is important, especially during the hot season. After all, the strap helps secure the watch to your wrist, and its deterioration can lead to failure and damage of your watch. Here are some tips on how to maintain a variety of watch strap types, from the soft leather to the new tough stainless steel. In all casing it is recommended to take off the watch from your wrist before cleaning your watch strap, this is to prevent any damages to the watch and your skin during the cleaning process.

How to care for your Leather straps

Leather is highly not recommended during the summer season, due to its material which is not ideal for water, sweat, oil and moisture. But if for some reason you really need to wear a leather watch for the summer, here are some few things you can do to take care of your leather watch strap.

  • Rub the strap carefully with a clean, damp cloth every now and then and allow it to dry.
  • Then, never let your leather watch strap be exposed to direct sunlight as it can damage and dry out the leather, if exposed you can do a deeper clean using the aforementioned mentioned method with a small amount of leather lotion/conditioner or moisturizing.
  • To eliminate odour, baking soda paste will do the trick, put a bit of baking soda and water mix it together and rub gently on your leather strap and keep it there for few hours before cleaning the baking soda off the leather will leave your leather with its natural smell.

How to care for your Stainless steel bracelet

There are several ways to clean a stainless steel bracelet with dish soap and water, either with a cloth or soft brush or to soak it. However, if you plan to soak your bracelet, make sure that either the bracelet has been removed from the case or that the watch has at least a 50m water resistance and that all crowns are screwed in.

How to care for your rubber watch strap

Rubber straps are the easiest to clean and maintain, water and dish soap will help shed dirt, sweat, and any other particles caked onto your strap.

However, do not apply any sort of cleaning agent to your watch strap unless you are absolutely sure it won’t do any harm to both your watch and strap. When in doubt, always ask a professional or consult your watch’s manual before cleaning it.

Then, if you are purchasing a watch, research it and familiarise yourself with it, that way you will know what to expect from the watch in advance. Watches have also specs and features that are meant to be used to give you the full experience of the watch. The watch might also have some cool features you did not even know about.


For the summer season, it is best to go for a little bit more colourful straps, to complement your summer outfit, however, it is recommended that you purchase a watch with interchangeable straps, so you can easily switch between watch straps either to fit the colour of the rest of your outfit, or because of season change.