Summer Watches – buying guide on finding the right summer watch

How can you find the right summer watches in the market in summer season?

Summer is just right around the corner, and heat will soon be your companion. A hot season takes you to the beaches, or maybe you’re spending summer indoors. Summer also takes you to art galleries, sweaty bars, fantastic parks or maybe out of town. One way or another, you’ll realize you need to keep track of time. Aside from your smartphone, the first option for knowing time is a watch, of course. Maybe you’ve got a couple of watches for men, but you probably aren’t aware of the right qualities of watches that can go through the season of summer. Also, it goes from water-resistance, scratch-free (from sand), or straps that can endure perspiration.

Take a look at some of the best summer watches for the summer season in the market:

Summer WatchesTimex Weekender Slip Thru

Summer Watches - Timex Weekender Slip Thru

If you’re looking for a watch that comes with a casual and affordable way to tell the time, then the Timex Weekender Slip-Thru qualifies for that. The watch is all about comfort, designed with a blue and green strap. With an abiding and simple unisex styling, there is, of course, a slight danger that a girlfriend might just nick your timepiece for good. The watch comes with a 38-millimeter case and weighs only 26.2 grams.

Summer WatchesAlessi Marcel Wanders Dressed AL27002

Summer Watches - Alessi Marcel Wanders Dressed AL27002

Created with a dual aesthetic, the collection, called Dressed, has two expressions. The face has a simple design with a signature ornate swish on the hour hand that is available in black or white. Also, these watches for men come with a 40-millimeter case and a chic leather strap. It’s dressy for the evening, but not too much for the daytime either.

Summer WatchesJeanRichard Aquascope Blue Dial

Summer Watches - JeanRichard Aquascope Blue Dial

If you’re planning on spending a little more cash this summer but not blowing off your budget, then this watch is the best option. It’s great for getting wet or showing off any summer talent. It’s has a power reserve of 38 hours and is water-resistant up to 300 meters. With a stainless-steel case, the summer watches for men to bring an active elegance to the summer. 

Summer WatchesSwatch Scuba Libre

Summer Watches - Swatch Scuba Libre

If you want to get wet this summer, either in the city or at the ocean, the Swatch Scuba Libre is what you’ve been looking for. Moreover, it comes with funky color combinations, rotating bezels, and very sturdy design. The watch offers an easy-to-read face for when you’re playing games in the sun and comes in a 44-millimeter case with straps that are from unbreakable silicon.

Summer WatchesBoca Grand Traveler

Summer Watches - Boca Grand Traveler

Combined with a bit of elegance with a rugged summery lure, the Boca Grand Traveler comes in a beige and camel strap in combination with the off-white Italian-design-inspired face brings with it a summer spent under a palm tree. With a 42.5-millimeter case and a 16-strand braid strap proudly made by Mexican craftsmen, this watch is sure to satisfy your needs.

Summer Watches

Better check these summer watches to be able to enjoy the summer season. You’ll be able to do some summer happenings with no hindrance when you wear these summer watches. Have fun and feel the heat of the sun while wearing the summer watch you have chosen.