Proper Watch Care – Some Simple Tips to Remember

What is the proper watch care?

There comes a time in every male’s life when they will feel that this is the right moment! The right time to get their first or another luxury watch. When this monumental event happens, one must be ready not just to have their very own designer men’s watches, he should also be responsible to give it the care it deserves. Quality wristwatches for men do not come cheap, so don’t be stingy with taking care of it or know some proper watch care.

Take note of these simple tips to enjoy your timepieces better and longer: Proper Watch Care

proper watch care

Proper Watch Care – 1. Clean it regularly

Men’s watches are relatively easy to clean but need some watch maintenance. Use a soft cloth that will not damage or scratch the metal or crystals on it. Many are mindful of not scratching the crystals. They often forget that the metal portions also require the same tender handling. Circulation motion in wiping, start with a wet cloth then dry it up using the same motion. This is to ensure no markings or prints are left behind.

Proper Watch Care – 2. Polish properly

Wristwatches for men can come in different types of metal; gold, silver, stainless steel and of late even platinum. Make sure you are using the right product to wipe and clean the metal portions with so to keep it from looking dull. In addition, try using a watch care kit.

Proper Watch Care – 3. Dealing with the leather

So many nice leather men’s watches have launched through the years. You might just have fallen for one. If you did, know that its normal for leather to age. Wearing on your wrist where it gets exposed to your skin cells, sweat, dust and other grimes. It can speed up the aging process, not to mention cause it to smell.

Unfortunately, all these bad things cannot be avoided, they are inevitable.  The process can slow down though, here is how.

  • Immediately wipe it down after use. Use a dry cloth that will effectively take out the grime and dust.
  • After the initial wiping, wipe it down again with lightly dampened cloth (make sure the water is lukewarm) with a bit of unscented, oil-free liquid soap.
  • Use another damp cloth (this time use cold water) to take out the soap. Make sure you get everything out.
  • Leave out to dry in room temperature.
  1. Store it well: if you can manage to get a storage drawer for men’s watches then that would be great. If your collection is not yet up to drawer standard. Then the watch box it comes with is the best option left. These boxes are designed and built to house those precious timepieces so let them do the work.
  2. Have a handy shop for maintenance or repair: Luxury watches for men need regular maintenance work at least once every two years from the time you got them. This will ensure that they are in tip-top conditions. Don’t have them serviced only when something is not functioning well, know the issue before it becomes a problem. Knowing ready to go to the shop is a lot of help and saves time and money.

Proper Watch Care

It’s very important that you know how to take care of your watch as it is included in your belongings. Take time to read the proper watch care so that your watch will stay longer in your wrist. Remember that your timepiece reflects your personality so learn how to take care of it!

To sum up, watch wearers should clean their timepiece. You can find some watch care kits here, check it!