NATO straps – cleaning guide during summer season

NATO Straps – a higher level of quality

NATO Straps are commonly used during the summer season, people love the toughness it offers as well as the tight weave the is perfectly constructed to manage any situation or activities you can imagine doing during the summer. You can ensure the higher level of quality and reliability of this perfect summer watch strap. Another thing to love about NATO straps is how they complement your outfit, as the straps can be easily changed, as NATO straps come in different variety of colors to suit your summer outfit.

NATO straps – care guide

Since NATO straps are mostly a choice for summer watch, it also means that this strap will be exposed to sunlight, heat, sweat, body oil, and dust. To make your NATO straps last longer, you would want to take good care of it. And how do you do that?

NATO straps - care guide

NATO straps care guide #1

We recommend washing your NATO straps every one to two weeks. The most common and easiest way is to simply use lukewarm water and hand soap or Castile soap. Wet the watch strap and lather the soap into the stitching using your thumbs. Due to its tough structure, try using a damp toothbrush to speed up the process. Also, press the strap in between your fingers to extract the remaining water out. Lastly, let it air dry flat overnight. Do not use a blow-dryer as it may melt the nylon.

NATO straps care guide #2

Sometimes, we’re too lazy to hand wash the strap of the summer watches for men. A washing machine will do. Then, simply insert the watch strap into a sock or a pocket in your jeans, and toss in the washing machine. Be sure to use cold water, and never not put in the dryer. Air dry on a flat surface as stated above.

Many people think it’s fine to throw their watch strap in the dishwasher. We have done it ourselves, and you should trust us when we say it is definitely something we will never recommend doing.

NATO straps care guide #3

If the two other tips aren’t enough to leave your NATO stainless and clean as new, here is another procedure in a nutshell. Then, simply soak your NATO straps into a mixture of ice water and OxiClean. This is a great option to do when you want to do intense strap cleanings every few months. As a result, this will help brighten the white accents of the strap, without using bleach. Do not let it soak in hot water, since it may damage and melt the nylon weave.

NATO straps – keep your straps clean and look good every day

Proper care and maintenance apply in all watch straps for men. This can really extend its so-called ‘life’ and you can strut the streets with your watch looking good as new every day. With a watch strap as good as new, go ahead and grab those eyeballs.