Men’s wristwatches – Style, shape, movements, features of a watch

Men’s Wristwatches Guide – guidelines in getting the right watch

Watch is an important accessory to men nowadays. Most men consider wearing a watch when going to the office, traveling and more because they found out that it’s very useful and helpful to them. By using the men’s wristwatches they will be to on time with their appointments or meetings with the clients. Men already see the benefits of wearing wristwatches for men every day and on any occasion. Because of that, probably they are aiming to possess two or more watches so that they can use it any time in different situations.

men's wristwatches

If you’re looking for a quality timepiece, it’s good to start with understanding the different men’s wristwatches options.

Men’s Wristwatches Guide – TYPE OF WATCH

Analog– It has one with two or three dials that continuously move round and round which is the same as a round clock. The dial configuration will tell you the time.

Digital-This watch uses numbers in giving the time, similar to mini-computers because they are always battery-powered.

Analog and Digital – Several timepieces offer both an analog and digital display

Smartwatch– It takes digital watches into the next level; the old generation of smartwatches depends on the smartphone in terms of functionality. However, the new generation has a built-in sim card that can connect to cell service freely. You can now receive and make calls, texts and even access the internet and more.

Smartwatch hybrid – This watch connects to the smartphone but keeps the analog look onto it. Its display is analog and not a small computer screen.

Men’s Wristwatches Guide – WATCH STYLE

Gentlemen usually own three men’s wristwatches just like shoes for it’s nice to wear the right wristwatches for men for the right occasion. Even if some watches can be used either casual or formal, it’s better to have two or three different options as well. The fitness-oriented smartwatch is recommended if you are working out but don’t wear it in the office, it’s not appropriate.

Casual – The casual watch can be analog and digital too. If you prefer to have one timepiece, this watch is good for you.

Dress – This men’s wristwatches can impress everybody. However, you should wear it with a suit or formal wear because this watch is elegant.

Fashion – It can be formal, casual or luxury and partnered with jeans or suits. The fashionable watch stands out and surely makes a statement.

Luxury– Luxury watches cost much but it may depend on your lifestyle. These men’s wristwatches are in good quality and worth buying for but spend wisely.

Sport – Sports watches are specifically designed and include several features that can be worn in all kinds of sports so also athletic pursuits. You can purchase watches for swimming, cycling, skiing, golf, hiking and etc.

Vintage – Vintage watches are collector’s items. Recommendable to individuals who want to get an old-school look of their watches.

Men’s Wristwatches GuideWATCH SHAPE

Round -Watch wearers prefer round shape though Apple watch made a rectangular shape. Round makes sense since the dials move in a circular motion.

Oval – This is not a common shape of a watch but a few individuals choose this for fashion trends.

Rectangular – This watch shape makes sense to smartwatches because it provides more screen space which is important in displaying the digital information.

Square – The same as an oval shape, it’s not common.

Men’s Wristwatches Guide – WATCH MOVEMENT MECHANISM

Quartz – The dials of this watch is powered by a battery.

Automatic Self-Wind – The arm’s movement will automatically wind the spring that powers the dial-self-winding watch.

Mechanical hand-wind – Watch wearers should manually wind the spring on this watch.

Men’s Wristwatches Guide – WATCH FEATURES

Chronograph – This is often used as a stopwatch because it has an independent sweeping second hand.

Luminous – This watch has a glow-in-dark dial that would attract everyone.

Transparent – You can see through this watch and has a cool design feature that you’ll surely want to own.

Skeleton Watch – It has a great feature wherein you can see the inner working parts of it.

Men’s Wristwatches Guide – helpful reminders to gentlemen

Watch wearers may sometimes be confused about which watch to wear or buy for a certain occasion. With the help of these men’s wristwatches guide, gentlemen will be able to choose the right watch because they already have the idea. It’s important that you know what you want and needs in choosing an accessory like watch for you’ll be aiming to wear it for a long period of time. So also that watch will be part of your daily life.