Men’s wristwatches – How to choose the right watch for the occasion

Men’s wristwatches that match the occasion are a key element in one’s total look.

Men’s wristwatches that match the occasion is the key element in one’s total look. These days the rule of thumb when it comes to men’s watches is “appropriateness”.  Men nowadays, have to be mindful that there is a need to accessorize and that the accessory of choice should fit the occasion it was intended for. Accessory for men would normally consist of a good wristwatch. The reality is that the majority of the male species, do not have the patience for accessories.

Men’s wristwatches – How to match your watch with your outfit

Just like it is considered a “no, no” to wear cut off shorts to a formal dinner, note that not all wristwatches for men are a good suit companion. Meaning to say that it is unthinkable to wear an IWC when you are wearing a light sheer dress to the pool or the beach as the case may be. There are just some pairings that should never happen.

wristwatches for men

Men’ wristwatches – the exception

The only exemption that we know of to date is James Bond wearing his Rolex diver watch under his formal evening jacket. But hey! That’s James Bond, so unless you are a direct descendant better think twice before following that path.

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So, what can we surmise so far? Well, two things first, is that be it a man or a woman one needs to accessorize with the proper timepiece and the second is that there are no avoiding occasions (you are bound to attend one sooner or later).  

Men’s wristwatches – occasion on when to wear the different types of watches

Men’s wristwatches occasion #1

Men's wristwatches for wedding


Be it your own, a friend, a colleague or a relative you are bound to get invited to one and eventually forced to attend. Well, other than making sure you always have your go-to coat and tie for such an event a proper men’s watch is also a must, especially if you do not one an older relative or well-meaning friend to comment that you need a woman in your life to dress you up properly on such events next time. 

A good piece for this would be a typical dress watch like a 46mm IWC Big Pilot, for example. Meaning something classy but not flashy. This type of piece gives just the right aura of a man in control.

Men’s wristwatches – Occasion #2

Men's wristwatches for BBQ event

Weekend BBQ

This means something casual, relax and laid back. Backyard grilling with friends and family promises a fun-filled weekend, but it never hurts to anticipate. Wear a piece that can assist even with the seemingly mundane task of grilling. A piece with a timing bezel can do just the trick, that one will help you monitor the time for grilling and make sure that those chops are grilled to perfection!

Men’s wristwatches – occasion # 3

Men's wristwatches dinner and formal occasions

Meetings and other formal functions

Well, is you work or have a business then meetings are another unavoidable circumstance to be in, to this you need extra care in choosing the right piece. In situations like that your watch actually becomes an extension of your calling card. It tells them your sense of style, status and capacity to invest. So, take note then to choose a watch that will send the right message or at most the message that you want to give about yourself. 

Men’s wristwatches – no matter the occasion, go for simple and elegant look

Whatever the occasion or event maybe, for sure there will always be a “proper” men’s wristwatch to fit the moment. One need only to be a bit more mindful of what to wear.