Men’s Watches: Water Resistance vs Water Proof

Men’s watches have so much to offer these days.

It is however always a plus factor to buy watches for men that include water resistance as one of its features. This makes a lot of sense, given that most men are also water creatures. If they are not in the water, the latter would surely be nearby men are not very careful of the accessories that they wear. The same reality is faced by the women, although the latter may just be a bit more mindful of water splashes.

Men’s watches – consider the features you want

To have your favorite timepiece splashed with water is like having the generous amount of good money you invested on it go down the drain itself. True, that women or the men’s wristwatches can still be used or fixed even after being drenched, but believe me it will never be the same anymore and that is just plain sad. 

Men’s watches – water resistant feature on watches for men

men's watches ocean

The answer to this is no. As a matter of fact, there is a big gap between these two features. For starters, waterproof women or men’s watches only refer to the latter’s ability to block or hinder water from entering. This does not, however, mean that wearer can already dive into the deep sea with it.

Men’s watches – water resistant feature does not only assure water splashes

Water resistance, on the other hand, is surely much more than waterproofing, it refers to the wristwatches for men and women’s capacity to resist water pressure as well. This feature does not just assure against the day to day splashes of trouble with water as one would encounter when tipping a glass of water. Oh no, it is definitely more than that or the better description maybe is that it goes deeper than that. This means that as a person goes deeper into the water, the mere presence of water is not the only thing that needs to be dealt with, there is also the pressure it exerts and that is what the watch will resist on.

Men’s watches – Get to know the levels of  Watch Water Resistance and their Rating.

Let us begin with this helpful resistance chart I happen to discover. It shows levels of resistance and the type of activity it will allow.

 (Source: Wikipedia).

ATM Feet Meter Usage
1 33 10 Showerproof or splash proof. It indicates that the watch is safe from abrupt splashes of water
3 100 30 It can withstand normal splashes , even being immersed –however not for swimming
5 165 50 This is suitable for swimming
10 330 100 Swimming and snorkeling are supported
15 500 150 Perfect for snorkeling
20 660 200 This supports even skin diving

Men’s watches – The more you know about the timepiece you are getting the better you can take care of it

So you see watch water resistance actually gives the wearer an idea on how much water pressure wristwatch can resist. Note further, that there are many types of ratings such as meter, feet, bar, to name a few, so make sure you also know the equivalency that goes with it.