Men’s Watches: Guide to Tachymeter Timepieces

Men’s watches – getting to know tachymeter men’s watches

Men’s watches, as well as those for women created and released in the market these days, are so many, which makes it a challenge to choose the best one. There is practically something for everyone. For sure there is a watch that will suit your taste, lifestyle, and needs. The innovation and mastery watchmakers all over the world have shown through their craft is simply impressive. One such proof is the invention of Tachymeters.

Men’s watches – What is a tachymeter?

In simple terms, a tachymeter is found on the bezel of a women or men’s watch. The purpose of such a feature is that it can measure the speed of wearer based on time traveled by the latter over a fixed distance (much like what one would normally see on the gauge of a vehicle). Furthermore, it allows the easy conversion of time elapsed, in seconds per unit, with speed in units per hour. The tachymeter scale on men’s watches and measure times from approximately 7 seconds to 60 seconds.

Men’s watches – How does the Tachymeter Scale work?

When you look at the tachymeter watch scale as it is found on the face of your women or men’s watch, you will see that it normally starts at the 7-second mark at 500 units of speed. However, there are some models of the men’s wristwatch where it can be found starting at 6 seconds, at 600 units or 9 seconds at 400 units as the case may be. The setup and feature work depending on what you intend to measure.  

Men’s watches – how to use tachymeter watches

Men's watches  - how to use tachymeter watches

The following examples can be used for a distance of 1 mile between two points.

  1. Press start on the chronograph after you pass the first marker
  2. Press stop on the chronograph after you pass through the second maker
  3. Then the second’s hand traveled around the dial to 45
  4. On the outer point of the dial or on the bezel,  line it up with 80

This view means that you have been traveling at a speed of 80 miles per hour. The point to remember when you use this feature is that no matter how you wish to measure distance, the controlled variable you need to keep is with respect to speed. In other words, speed needs to stay constant or the same to make the measurement valid. 

Men’s watches – how ideal it is to have tachymeter

The most straight forward answer to this is that it depends. Generally, tachymeters are useful tools to measure both speed and distance. The downside is the fact that it involves a bit of math and science to it and could be a bit tricky. However, by experience, they get easier to use with more practice. So, just try it out and don’t let yourself be intimidated with a little math.

Men’s watches – functions on your tachymeter watch

Use the functions as they were intended to be and maximize the service you get from the women or men’s watches that you have.  Do not forget that it is a tool or equipment, and as such must be used to its full potential (after all, that feature takes a large part in the amount you paid for).

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