Men’s Watches Guide: Rules on how to wear it properly

Men’s Watches Guide – guidelines in wearing a watch

So what are the rules in wearing men’s watches? Well, for starters most men do not even know that there are rules or watch guide. If you are one of these guys then do read on since this will definitely be helpful to you. Know that most men who actually have an awareness of style and fashion are aware that you do not mix a black belt with a pair of brown shoes and make it worse by adding a ready-made bowtie. That is an absolute disaster and a total waste of good belt and shoe wear. The point is that there are many who have the tendency to mix. So also, to match and their things even when they do not really match from the beginning. So here are some easy guides to follow.

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Men’s Watches Guide on Wearing Watches:

Men’s Watches Guide – 1. Match them up.

Coordination is the keyword here to remember. From buying to wearing your things make sure that they actually match with the things you already have and most likely to wear it with. This is especially true with your accessories. Accessories are additional pieces you put on to add to the effect and drama of the look you are trying to pull off, so make sure it does just that. Watches for men are the extent of accessories that most members of the male species are willing to invest in and wear. This being the case it would be practical if you choose one that can go well with the outfit you have on. Take note of colors and materials as well as observe consistency and subtleness.

Men’s Watches Guide – 2. Which wrist it fits.

There is a standing notion that watches for men are to be wear on their right wrist and left for the women. The other one is for both sexes to wear their timepiece on the left. Oh well, the truth is actually more practical than all that. Men and women’s watches should be worn on their non-dominant wrist. The reason is for practicality and comfort. Wearing it on your dominant hand might cause it to get in your way when you work, as well as get uncomfortable. So forget tradition and follow practical and sound reasoning. 

Men’s Watches Guide – 3. Fit the wrist.

In recent years there was such a rave over large watches for men. When we say large it refers to the size of both the straps and the cases of the timepieces. Well, the latest news is that large watches are over. They were just a fad and that is all there is to it, so move on already. Wearing watches for men that have overly large cases and strap for your wrists is just not right. It makes it look like it is not yours but your son’s ( an impression I am sure you do not want to live). if you want to be taken seriously, then take the time to know your wrist size and find a watch that fits it just right (not too large or small for that matter).

Men’s Watches Guide – easy guides for you to follow

Watch wearers should know some guidelines for wearing a watch. Comfort and convenience must be considered in wearing a timepiece you like. In addition, there are several men’s watches that match your outfit and fits your wrist at Amazon. Better check these watches.