Men’s Watches Guide: Rules in Wearing a Watch

Men’s Watches Guide for Gentlemen

Men’s watches are too many of the male species the only accessory that they wear and like to have around. Decades of experience with wristwatches should tell us that these babies are not just for keeping track of the time. Moreover, men’s watches guide is helpful to gentlemen.

In a wider scope, they also reveal the style and identity of their wearer, whether the latter likes it or not. It is because of this that many men really invest on the watch they strap on their wrist. Knowing this, why not maximize your investment and allow the watches for men to provide you with the right impression to others. Here is how.

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Men’s Watches Guide #1 Wear it snugly: not too tight or too loose

It is important to have your timepiece fit just right, this is for practical reasons; for comfort, convenience, and easy use. So adjust the strap well and note at which hole to lock it in that would be comfortable and cause marks on your wrist. 

  • Too Tight – might make your wrist look choked or worst like an oversized hotdog. It may also leave some ugly red marks afterward, as well as damage the strap (this is particularly true for leather and rubber straps).
  • Too Loose – this is mostly done by women with their timepieces to make it look like a bracelet as well. Nothing wrong with that if first the strap really looks like a bracelet and second if you do not mind being thought of as wearing your wife or daughter’s watch. In other words, it is a big NO for men’s watches to be too loose. Not just because of how it would look but also consider the damage it can cause if the dial keeps hitting the worktable or whatever it is you are working on.

Men’s Watches Guide #2 Wear it right: non-dominant wrist

On this day of age, people are still arguing about where they should place their men or women’s watch. The answer is so simple but unfortunately not many are aware of it. You wear it on your non-dominant wrist. Meaning if you are a leftie then strap it on the right wrist. That is the most logical and comfortable place for it. it will not get in the way of work nor cause discomfort when you write or eat.

Men’s Watches Guide #3 Time Check: when to do it

Know that it is unethical to check you’re the time in front of someone you are talking to; in a class, meeting and other like events. Doing so gives the impression that you want the other party to already shut up and go, which is really impolite (unless that is the message you want to relay).

Men’s Watches Guide #4 Admire from a distance

Just as some may be sensitive about their hair or age, a lot of men hold dear their timepieces. I other words, it is fine to admire other watches for men but knows that it is not polite to openly stare at it or worst touch it. Other than it is kind of weird, it can also leave unsightly fingerprints on either the dial or the bracelet.

Men’s Watches Guide

With the help of these guidelines in wearing a watch, for sure you’ll perfectly find the right timepiece for you. All you have to do is read and follow the men’s watches guide for it was made for individuals who want to own the best watch in the market. Better grab one and wear it happily!

You can find selections of watches for men on these lists, choose the best one for your wrist!