Men’s watches– Guide in getting the best watches for men

Men’s Watches – great designs and features to love

Watch is the only accessory for men that serves a specific purpose and already test the time. Gentlemen should know some options before purchasing a timepiece if they’re looking for a classic and timeless watch. In this guide in getting the best men’s watches, you will learn the features and designs that will surely stand out from the crowd.

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Parts of a Men’s Watches

Watch Movement – It can be quartz or mechanical. Also, the mechanic movements can be broken down into automatic and manual. A watch that has mechanical movements usually uses a set of small, complicated gears in order to release the energy from a wound spring and calculate the time based on the energy release. Sweep the motion of the second hand to spot the mechanical watch. However, the manual mechanical watches need physical rewinding while the automatic mechanical movements rewind themselves by using the energy that is created by the owner’s wrist motion all day. The quartz watch movements use a battery in order to send the electric current in a small piece of quartz crystal. It produced vibrations that power the watch movement and measures the time. Simply tick the second hand to spot the quartz movement. Quartz movement is recommended when you want a budget timepiece for daily wear but if you want a dress watch that can be worn for decades to choose mechanical watch movement.

Watch Case – It is a metal case enclosing the works of a watch or a protective case for a watch that is made from a precious metal such as gold, silver, platinum, etc – This means your watch can be a good match to formal wear. However, if the men’s watches are made from plastic, steel, ceramic, carbon fiber, titanium, etc- it’s not a formal watch.

Men’s watches case usually measures 36-50mm in diameter. The formal and luxury watch are smaller than other watches- it measures 36-40mm. The casual, sport and fashion watches are larger than formal watches. It’s important to measure your wrist and try some different watches.

Watch Face and Dial – You can find a stick or numeral indices in some formal men’s watches while the Arabic numbers usually appear in casual watches. If the watch parts have features such as time zones, stopwatch, and depth measurement- it’s casual but if it’s simple and elegant then it’s more formal.

Watch Strap – Watch strap differs from style to style. You can identify which strap will look best on your attire in this simple way.

  • Leather watch strap goes well with jeans than a suit. Nylon straps so also thicker and bulkier one is better for casual wear.
  • For formal attire, wear a slim, thin and glossy leather band. It’s not good for denim and other casual wear.
  • A metal band can be worn in casual and formal wear. However, if it’s a sports watch such as divers, chronographs, etc – it’s best for casual clothes.
  • Rubbers straps are designed for sports watches.

After knowing the parts of the men’s watches, let’s learn the types of watches for men that will match your outfit.


Men’s Watches – 1. Dress Watches

If you are attending a formal event like a wedding, anniversary and more even in an interview, these men’s watches are an ideal choice. It’s a perfect match for your black tie and shoes. Make sure that your timepiece should match the formality of the occasion. A watch with a light-colored face and black leather band is a perfect match. The brown leather strap would match your suit or tie when having a business meeting.

Men’s Watches – 2. Fashion Watches

These men’s watches can be used in various casual situations and speaks your personal style. Most fashion watches can be worn in casual settings less of formal settings. Fashion or sports watches are wearable for casual wear even everyday wear. It usually depends on how you paired with your clothes but the important is that you’re comfortable wearing them.

Men’s Watches – Sports Watches

People who love doing sports activities and active in the gym, this watch is made for you. It’s lightweight and easy to clean up after a sweaty exercise at the gym or game. These men’s watches have built-in features like timers, water-resistance compasses, altimeters, and backlit screens or dials. If you are doing something active, better wear this watch.

Men’s Watches – Casual Watches

This is the best watch for men because they can wear it anywhere like running errands, watching a movie, going to the mall and more. Since this watch can be worn daily, you can buy one that fits your budget. It’s easy to find stylish casual watches for men with nylon, leather or metal straps in different sizes, designs, and colors to choose from.

Men’s Watches – Smartwatches

Smartwatch can be everyday wear, sports or fitness, and professional settings. Fashion and technology go together in this watch. It’s hard to pin smartwatch down into one category or degree of formality because it has great features and designs that you’ll love. Before you decide to wear a smartwatch, consider these three factors: design, strap and watch face then you’re ready to wear this watch.

Men’s Watches – gentlemen’s favorite accessory

Upon reading some guidelines in getting the best watches for men, I’m sure you’re ready to look for watches for men that suit your preference and budget. Take into consideration the benefits it can give to you while wearing this accessory. The important thing is that you enjoy and love wearing men’s watches. Of course, you know what you want and need in terms of finding the best timepiece.