Men’s watches – 8 ways to take care of your wristwatch

Men’s watches are unmistakably attractive

Men’s watches are unmistakably attractive, more so in the case of the automatic as well as mechanical types.  They just look so sturdy, presentable and yes, expensive (which they mostly are anyway). One cannot help but admire the raw beauty in this type of timepieces. I have three in my collection and I love them all. Yes three, if you can and when you can do not hesitate to get a second or third as in my case.

Men’s watches – below are ways to take care of your wristwatch

This is why I would like to share 8 tips on how you can better take care of these wristwatches. Handle them well now and enjoy them for a long, long time.

Men’s watches cleaning guide #1

1. Wear your watch as often as you can.

Automatic watches are those that are hard to distinguish from mechanical ones. They are similar though because both do not require manual winding. The difference though is that with automatic pieces, winding occurs as its response to movement while worn. This is why the more you wear it the better it would be. Wearing it daily would be best. However, if you have more than one woman or men’s watches  (like men), then using them alternately is also a good idea. 

Men’s watches cleaning guide # 2

2. Automatic men’s watches, magnets, electronic devices and other like objects do not mix.

Bear in mind that automatic watches for men   or women are not magnet proof and even if it says it was still it is best to keep them away from such things.  For a quick review, automatic watch just like most types of other timepieces have metallic parts. As we all know metal and magnets attract. Therefore bringing your watch near a magnetic field or electronic device can cause the movements of  parts inside to be disrupted. 

men's watches in black leather strap

Men’s watches cleaning guide # 3

3. The Crown must be pushed down always.

Magnets are only the second nemesis of automatic watches for men, the first is water and moisture. Keeping the crown down at all times will help ensure that neither moisture or any liquid can enter. 

Men’s watches cleaning guide # 4

4. Store it in the box it came wit. 

 Wristwatches for men normally come in a box. It is not by chance that these boxes are often very sturdy and can support the watch very well. in case you are not very mindful of these things, these boxes are actually part of what you paid for. Keeping it in its box will safeguard it from scratches and other harmful eventualities. 

Men’s watches cleaning guide # 5

5. Manually  wind it , when needed. 

Hand wind it or manually wind before using when you notice that the watch has totally ran out of power. This normally happens when you fail to follow tip number 1. Know that automatic women and men’s watches  that have been stored for a long time loses its juice and when this occurs just hand wind it to get back on again. No need to panic. 

Men’s watches cleaning guide # 6

6. Change the date/day display according to its setting. 

Do this at the same time that you hand wind it. when the watch stops for lack of power, then all its operations are affected. When this occurs then do not forget to also check the settings. 

Men’s watches cleaning guide # 7

 7. Clean the timepiece regularly.

A clean watch is a happy watch. Dirt can cause as much damage as moisture and magnets when left for a long time.

Men’s watches cleaning guide # 8

8. Find a service center you can trust to maintain and keep your wristwatch in good condition.

Men’s watches – the durability of a watch also comes down to how you well you take care of it.

Even if it is working well, make sure to have your watch checked at least once every 3 to 5 years. Watch maintenance is part of the after purchase care that you should provide. To make sure things are in good condition means that you get to enjoy it longer, you may also purchase a maintenance kit.