Men’s Watch Style Guide – Choosing the best style for your watch

Men’s Watch Style -stylish watches that watch wearers should own

Are you looking to buy a new watch? If that is the case, then you might want to consider conducting a little research on a different men’s watch style that may be good or fit for you. The reality is that there are so many different types of watches for men and women that are easily available to us. This is the reason why one has to be extra cautious in choosing. Otherwise, you might find yourself buying a piece you neither or worse, something which does not even suit you.

Here is a list of common choices in the men’s watch style to choose from.

Men’s Watch Style – Dive watch   

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Reading its name gives a very good idea of what the watch is all about. So, basically, as the name connotes this watches for men and women watch. It is developed and create to survive underwater expeditions or activities. For this purpose, dive watches often come with a screw-down crown. This means that this structure requires the crown to be screw in either a tool or just a finger. Both methods should easily allow the wearer to lock or unlock it. Therefore making sure that better protection against water is given the piece.

Dive watches normally pair with a thick rubber gasket inside. This is unique in this type compare with other types of watches, with the aim to improve water resistance. Some of these dive watches even come with a rotating bezel, which can be used as a timer.

Men’s Watch Style – Pilot watch

Also known as aviator watches. These type of wristwatch for men and women take their roots and found inspiration from aviation history. These pieces were originally developed for the use of pilots. Regular pilot watches have to be easy to read, the reason that they were developed for pilot fighters who need to read the time quickly and easily. This is why watches like these often come in large sizes.

Men’s Watch Style – Field Watch

If aviator or pilot watches were designed and meant for pilots, then field watches are primarily made in military-army style. The reason, of course, is because that is where they were initially mean for. This is why the majority of field watches have thick hands to make it quick and easy to read as well.

Men’s Watch Style – Dress watch

You can have as many watches in your collection as long as you have at least one proper dress watch in it. The description of what a dress watch is very subjective, meaning it depends on who is saying it. Generally, though, most people refer to dress watches as watches with a simple and yet elegant design that can be worn with a suit for either a formal evening out or an event.

In the past, people were not really that particular about what they use as a dress watch. Taking their cue from James Bond in the earlier days, many dive watches and field watches were used as dress watches. Contrary to their structure a proper dress watch must be slim enough to hide beneath the sleeve of the shirt/suit. Simple and elegant are the keywords to remember when getting this type of timepiece.

Men’s Watch Style – Chronograph watch

Technically speaking a chronograph is a stopwatch. Of late though, because of the way they are put together they have added features to this kind of timepiece.

Men’s Watch Style – stylish watches for men and women

Numbers of people prefer to go out of their house wearing accessories like pieces of jewelry and watches as well. Now, the watch has become an important accessory since it tells time and tracks activities of the day. So, what are you waiting for? Better visit Amazon and you’ll find the right timepiece for your wrist there!