Men’s Watch Size Guide: Choosing the Right Size for Your Watch

What’s your men’s watch size?

When you are choosing women or men’s watch, it is necessary to remember that not everybody is of the same size. To sum up, you should know your watch size. That being said, when you go out to shop for a wristwatch, you have to know how to select a watch that’s just the right proportion for your wrist. There may not be a set of rules or exact calculations for the perfect size, however, there are ways to make the best estimation to follow that can assist in ensuring that you achieve balance and proportion of the piece you choose.

The first rule you have to take note of is on comfort. Make sure that you try out the watches for men you like before buying it. It should sit comfortably on your wrist and be firm enough not to slide to the side. In other words, loose enough not to dig to your skin, but won’t also slide sideways.

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Other factors to consider are case size, bandwidth, and design. It may all seem complicated or tedious but finding the perfect men’s watch for your wrist size is actually easier than it sounds. The first step really is knowing your wrist size.

If your wrist is very thin, slim, slender, medium or thick the choice of the proper fit can impact which timepieces will look best on you. This being the case, knowing which of these criteria you belong is important to get the right men’s watch for your wrist. Being familiar with your size and measurement will be helpful for shopping online (where you cannot really fit first before buying). It also allows you to narrow down your choices and make your life easier.

Men’s Watch Size Guide – Measure Your Wrist

  • Use a measuring tape or a strip of paper.
  • Encircle your wrist on the part where your watch band would usually sit.
  • Afterward, take the paper and lay it down on a flat surface and use the next ruler. Take note of the measurement.
  • For wrist between 14-16 cm: very thin
  • 16-17 cm: slender wrist
  • 17cm-18 cm : medium wrist
  • above 18cm: thick wrist

Men’s Watch Size Guide – Watch Case Diameter

This part is the main part of many women and men’s watches.  It is the one that easily draws attention. This is where the actual watch mechanism is located, as well as what basically determines the cost of the timepiece. The standard for men’s watch case diameter ranges from 38 mm to 46 mm. In other words, going below the range is considered either too small or large already.

The standard wrist size is:

  • between 14cm – 18cm; for this, you need to select a small or medium watch with a case diameter of either 38 mm, 40 mm or 42 mm.
  • between 18cm and above; this requires the wearer to choose a larger case diameter, between is 44-46 mm.

Men’s Watch Size Guide – Watch Case Thickness

Another factor to look into is the case thickness. By standard, watches for men between 38 mm to 42 mm in diameter will have feature a 7 mm thickness. On the other hand, those that are 44 mm and above will be around 9 mm thick or more.

Men’s Watch Size Guide – get the right size of your watch

One of the things that you must consider in buying a men’s watch is to check the watch size that would perfectly fit your wrist. Be sure that the watch provides comfort upon wearing it for a long time that’s why it’s good to know the watch size. So, if you want to keep your timepiece in a safe place and preserve its daintiness, better look for a watch case at Amazon. Surely, you’ll find the best case for your watch there, check it now!