Men’s Watch Guide: Things To Consider When Looking at Watch Size

Men’s Watch Guide – What’s your watch size?

Just imagine that you are wearing a well-fitted Armani suit, with matching shirt, Paul Smith cufflinks and a fine pair of Italian leather shoes. If this was the case then you are obviously a fashionable and trendy person. Someone who knows the style, and follows it with subtleness and elegance. All these pieces together are still surely lacking one more important and vital piece to qualify as a complete gentleman’s look. What’s the sense of putting on nice cufflinks if you won’t have the chance to lift your wrist and check the time on your Role, Omega or Patek watches for men? Yes, the final cap to seal the look of power and elegance is the right timepiece to put everything together.

The question is whether you also place the same attention to this detail. What watch do you wear on your wrist? Take note that the brand and model of the watch for men you choose is important, but equally or even more important is that you are getting the right type, design and watch size for you.

How does one find the right men’s watch size?

Men’s Watch Size – Smaller or Slimmer Wrists

The most basic rule to bear in mind is that smaller or slimmer wrists should be wearing smaller or more tapered watches. This is to keep the proportion and balance between the wrist and the watches for men you’re eyeing. On the other hand, it is obvious that larger wrists require that larger watches should be worn. In addition, better check the watch size.

Men’s Watch Size – Watch Case

Another variable to consider is the watch case. This is another one that should not be taken for granted. Remember that this is actually that part that is most obvious and more readily seen or observed. In other words, case size matters. Knowing your wrist size is actually quite easy. Here is the standard that can guide you.

watch size
  • 34 mm: wrists this size men are considered small
  • 34 mm – 38 mm: wrists within these ranges are referred to as midsize
  • 39 mm – 42 mm: wrists that belong to these ranges are among those that are considered as standard or the most common where men’s watches are concerned.
  • 43 mm – 46 mm: these types of wrists size are the standard to certain nationalities but for most this already taken as extra-large or oversize.
  • 47 mm: Not many have such thick wrists to boast of or contend with; they are those that belong to the extra, extra-large sizes.

Men’s Watch Size – Watch Measurement

Measure your wrist and be guided better in making your choice of timepiece. Doing so will make life a lot easier and definitely simpler.

Men’s Watch Size – Bands, bracelets, and straps

men's watch

They are another significant detail to take note of. They can come in different types of material like metals, rubber, fabric, resin or leather.

There is a variety of metal straps to choose from, depending on the budget that you actually have. Precious metals that are often used would be stainless steel, silver, titanium, gold (white or yellow) or brass. These straps are even often embellished with other details like gems and ceramic.

Men’s Watch Size

It’s vital that you know your watch size to be able to wear your timepiece comfortably. Of course, men’s watch comes in different sizes- big or small. Just consider these things so that you can get the right size for your watch.