Men’s Watch Guide – How to buy the right watch for your size

Men’s Watch Guide – How to buy the right watch for your size

Dimensions, calibres, case backs, complications, colour, and straps – each year watchmakers unveil more dizzying choices to suit every taste and trend in the world of timepieces. While classic watch designs remain so, because of their innate elegance and appeal, there’s often a wide variety of subtle differences. Whereas those in the know can tell when a certain watch was made and even how much you paid for it. Rather trying to impress someone else, you should always base your watch selection on what you personally find appealing. In addition, size, that includes both diameter of the watch’s case and its thickness, and fit are crucial components to consider when searching for the perfect timepiece.

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Men’s Watch Guide – Determine the sizes before you make the purchase

Before you purchase the men’s watch you need to determine the sizes of its 2 parts.

  • The case – the case contains the face and components of the watch
  • The band – the band secures the watch to the wrist.

To get accurate measurements for watch sizes, you will need a Vernier caliper and record your measurements in millimetres. To know the right case size for you, you need to choose a suitable case diameter or width and case thickness. Ideally, the watch case should be proportionate to the size of your wrists. When wearing dress shirts, watches for men with a thinner case is preferable. Aside from the case diameters and thickness, you also need to consider the:

  1. Watch band’s width and band length. The band’s width of the watch is generally around 50% of the case diameter although personal preference is still the biggest factor to consider.
  2. Strap length of wristwatch products is usually presented as X/Y mm, example: 120/70. The first number X is the length of the long end in millimetres while the second number Y is the buckle end on millimetres.

Men’s Watch Guide – Why does watch sizing matters?

There are three important considerations when purchasing a watch;

  • Price
  • Style
  • Size

As with rings, size is arguable the one that matters most., by size, it is not just about width and length of the strap but also how wide the face case of the watch is. There’s also the thickness of both the case and the bracelet to think about. How well the watch will look good on you will depend on the proportion of these elements.

All watches for men may essentially serve the same function that is to tell the time. But each one will look differently on you and your wrist. There are watch sizes that are better suited for women than men. There will be watch sizes that are too big for people with slender wrists or too small for those with fuller forearms. There are also watch sizes that match the current trend or go completely against it. Naturally, personal preference will reign supreme over other considerations, but it’s very important for watches buyers to be well-informed of what their choices are in terms of watch sizes and how they are supposed to size a watch accurately.

Men’s Watch Guide – What do you need to know about watch sizes

Before you buy a men’s watch, you need to determine two things; your case size and your band size.

For experienced buyers or watch collectors, finding the watch size that suits them best is easy. Beginners on the other hand, may need a little help in this area. To get accurate measurements for watch sizes you will need a Vernier Caliper, preferably one made in plastic to avoid scratching the bezel of the watch. You may also opt to use a regular ruler, but they tend to be less accurate, and you measurements may be off by a millimetre. Another tool you could use that is also easier is a measuring tape to get the circumference of your wrist.

The case is typically circular in shape or square-like, and it contains the working parts of the watch, including the movement itself. It is usually made in stainless steel. However, sport watches can be made of plastic, and luxury watches can have cases made of gold or platinum. To know the right case size for you, you need to choose a suitable case diameter or width and case thickness.

Men’s Watch Guide: Guide to measure the watch size diameter

  • To know the diameter or width of a watch case, you can use either a Vernier caliper or a ruler to measure the distance from the outer edge of the left side of the men’s watch to the outer edge of its other side. It’s best to record the measurement in millimeters.
  • You also need to measure the circumference of your wrist using a measuring tape. You may record this in inches or in centimeters.
  • As a guide, you may refer to the tables below to find the watch case diameter that suits you best. Your options will depend on your gender and/or your wrist size.

Men’s Watch Guide: Sizing guide by chart

The right case width

The case diameter of the men’s watch is largely a matter of personal preference and comfort, but the current trends to influence people’s choices. Nowadays, watches with large casing are quite popular. It is also important to note that gender also comes into play when choosing the case diameter of the watch. For example, women tend to wear watches that are slightly smaller in case diameter than those worn by men. Moreover, people prefer to buy watches with cases that are proportionate the size of their wrists.

Men’s Watch Guide: How to measure the watch case thickness

Using a Vernier Caliper is the best method to measure case thickness, but you must be extra careful if you utilize a ruler. To give you an idea on your watch size options in terms of case thickness, you may prefer to the table below.

Case thickness refers to the width between the rear casing of the watch and the crystal in front. Generally, the thickness of the watch case is directly correlated to its diameter. Which means, the larger the watch case, the thicker and heavier it is. Thickness is also influenced by the complications or additional mechanism built into the men’s watch as extra room is required to include these features.

Men’s Watch Guide: How to measure the watch band sizing

The band of your watch is what wraps around your wrist and keeps your timepiece in place. It is made up of two main parts, the buckle side and the long side. IF you’re buying at a store, finding your band size is fairly straightforward since all you need to do is try them on until you find the one that fits you well. However, it gets trickier if you shop for watches online. Before you make any purchase, aside from the case diameter and thickness, you also need to consider the watch band’s width and length.

Basic part of a watch

There are these basic parts of a men’s watch that you need to know, before you go ahead and purchase the watch that you desire. Knowing these basic parts of a watch, the knowledge on how your watch works.

  • The housing of the men’s watch which holds its inner working parts.
  • –  It’s the knob on the side of the watch casing which can be turned to set or change time.
  • The watch case’s outer ring that holds the crystal in place. It is usually made of a different metal from the case and is sometimes embellished with precious gemstones for luxury watches.
  • Usually made of glass or plastic (and nowadays, even sapphire crystal), it protects the interior parts of the watch’s face.
  • Small metal pairs at the top or bottom of the watch case where the strap or metal bracelet is attached.
  • The face of the watch which displays the time.
  • Comprised of the shorter hour hand, the longer minute hand, and the fast-moving second hand, these parts are the ones moving over the dial to indicate the time.
  • Hour Marker. – The numeric labels on the face of the watch, usually from 1 to 12. The markers can also be in Roman Numerals.
  • –  Typically situated next to the crown, it’s a knob that sets other functions (e.g., date).
  • Sub-dial. – A smaller dial within the main dial, which serves an additional or secondary function.
  • Functions like a bracelet to keep the watch on the wrist secure. It can be made of materials like leather, metal, rubber, nylon, etc.
  • The interior mechanism or engine of the men’s watch that makes it works. It is made up of several smaller parts (e.g., balance spring, balance wheel, barrel, etc.)

Men’s Watch Guide – get the right watch for your wrist

These guidelines are recommendable to be able to get the right watch for your size. Of course, it’s comfortable to wear a timepiece that fits your wrist. Better check on these men’s watches here, they are outstanding!