Men’s Watch – Difference Between a Chronometer and a Chronograph

Men’s watch – the intriguing features

Men’s watch enthusiasts are always intrigued by the different features a timepiece can offer. No wonder that there is that curiosity to know which is which between a Chronograph and a Chronometer. It is indeed a bit of information to know that watch lovers across the globe will find enlightening. Anyone who is in a horological quest would surely appreciate more than just a heads up on the difference between a Chronograph and a Chronometer.  

Men’s watch – The difference

The first sure answer to know about these two totally big jargon would be that a Chronometer watches for men and a Chronograph are two totally different things. In other words, the best way to launch a comparison between the two is to first get to know each one separately to get how they are distinct from the other. 

Men’s watch – knowing the difference between chronometer and chronograph

Men's watch - knowing the difference between chronometer and chronograph

Another thing to remember about the Chronometer and Chronograph watches for men is that these two are two different ideas and therefore far from being the same as many would mistake them to be. 

The one and only similarity perhaps is that both are types of women and men’s watch. But that is about the extent of how they can be considered as the same.

Men’s watch – What is a chronometer?

The dictionary gives an apt description of what this type of woman and men’s watch is. According to Cambridge Dictionary and I quote, “ A chronometer is a piece of equipment that measures time very accurately.”

Note that it does not only give the correct time as it was defined but it “measures time” very accurately (not just accurate but very accurate). 

Men’s watch – Characteristics of chronometer

To comprehend the origin of this timepiece would go back at the core of watchmaking. This refers to looking into the grandfather of all men’s watch ever made, the mechanical watch. Being able to make a mechanical wristwatch work through “micro-mechanics”, is evidence of the skills that master watchmakers of long ago surely possessed. The latter relies much on the preciseness and accuracy of its moving parts.

Men’s watch – what does chronometer do?

So what does that have to do with the Chronometer? There are basically two basic principles watchmakers abide with, with respect to their creations. The first is precision and the second is accuracy. In the case of mechanical watches for men and women both were achieved, but is that enough? The answer is no because there was an issue with accuracy. Hence, the birth of chronometers. 

The chronometer in its entirety is what is referred to like the latest (at that time) definition of equipment that was certified as compliant and certified of the requirement on accuracy. This certification even includes one from the ISO 3159 standards for “Timekeeping instruments – Wrist-chronometers with spring balance oscillator“. 

Men’s watchWhat is a chronograph?

What is a chronograph?

On one side, a chronograph is a men’s watch with the additional feature that allows it to be used as a stopwatch, which is what a chronograph is. It is also used as a tool that effectively measures as well as records periods (seconds, minutes and hours) and tracks time. 

So, according to the COSC, chronographs are basically “instruments equipped with a mechanism activated by push-pieces and enabling the measurement of a short period of time.” In simple terms , “a stopwatch”.