Men’s Watch Buying Guide – Understanding Watch Movements

Men’s Watch Buying Guide – Understanding Watch Movements

Watch movement is the beating heart of a wristwatch; the internal working mechanism plays an essential role in keeping hands ticking, as well as powering features such as chronographs. There is a men’s watch buying guide to learn in this post. From quartz to mechanical, and everything in between, there’s a spectrum of watch movement types that control our timepieces, each one boasting its own unique set of characters. Discover the different watch movements with this watch buying guide and find out how your favorite style of watch works beneath the surface.

Men’s Watch Buying Guide : Watch movement types

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What is a mechanical watch?

Synonymous with the finest craftsmanship, mechanical movements serve as the engine room of most luxury watches. Dive underneath the dial of a mechanical watch and you will find an intricate series of components that work harmoniously to deliver timekeeping performance.

A coiled mainspring is wound up by hand every day to store energy. As it unwinds, a set of gears drive the hand to show the time, oscillating at a constant speed thanks to a balance wheel, the smooth-sweeping second hand, as opposed to the more common ticking motion, gives away its mechanical use.

What is an automatic movement watch?

The automatic movement is similar in design around the mainspring system. The difference lies in how the energy is derived – automatic watches are powered by a natural motion of the wearer’s wrist. If worn regularly, these types of watches require minimal maintenance.

What is a quartz movement watch?

Quartz technology comes all the way back from the 1960s and revolutionized watchmaking as we know it today. These battery-powered timepieces send an electrical current to a quartz crystal, which creates vibrations that power the watch’s hand. Since its creation, the quartz movement has gone on to dominate the fashion world with its exceptional accuracy and easy-to-maintain nature. Quartz watches are the perfect match for those who are looking for a timepiece that’s affordable, stylish and accurate.

What is an eco-drive watch?

Eco-drive movement developed during the 1970s, in line with watchmaker’s Citizen’s ambition to create a timepiece that need not depend on a battery. This pioneering technology can generate energy from a light source, whether natural or artificial. All energy collected is then stored in a power-cell which continuously recharges the battery.

 What is a hybrid smartwatch?

Disguised as traditional models, but boasting wearable technology, hybrid Smartwatches are a perfect blend of smart and stylish. While quartz movement powers this type of timepiece, a classic aesthetic remains at the core. You can enjoy this timepiece by connecting it to your smartphone, you can get notifications straight to your wrist via vibrations and enjoy fitness tracking on a sub-dial. Smartwatches are available from different big brands such as Apple, Samsung, and more.

What is a kinetic watch?

Harnessing the power of kinetic movement, this type of wristwatch took the industry by storm when it was first introduced during 1986 by Seiko. With just a flick of the wrist, movement by the wearer is converted into electrical energy and stored in a self-charging battery. Advances were made during the late 1990s with the Kinetic Auto relay, giving this type of watch the ability to tell the time with real precision, even when not worn for up to four years.

What is a solar-powered watch?

Sunlight powers these clever watches. Solar panels are hidden beneath the dial, which is used to recharge the battery and keep the timepiece ticking over. Accurate and easy to maintain, solar-powered watches are an environmental-friendly choice as they eradicate the need to replace the battery.

Whether you are planning to buy a watch for practical purposes, as a fashion accessory, or as an investment, keep the following tips in mind while shopping for your perfect wristwatch. These are the men’s watch buying guide.

Men’s Watch Buying Guide – Do your research

Being prepared is the essential key to success, and the same rings true when it concerns buying a watch for men. Research more about different types and styles of wristwatches, as well as on popular or prominent brands and what they have to offer.

Men’s Watch Buying Guide – Stick to your budget

Be realistic about what you can afford to buy. There are timepieces below $250 that are sold by reputed brands. But if you want to buy a luxury watch, you can find one for as low as $1000 or as expensive as $10,000. Given the wide range of pricing, it is best to settle down on your budget range, you can later save up for the luxury watch you desire or you can limit your choices by the wristwatches that you can afford.

Men’s Watch Buying Guide – Buy only from the manufacturer or authorized dealer

You must be very vigilant when purchasing a wristwatch online and from physical stores, there are still fake or class A replica found everywhere.

Men’s Watch Buying Guide – Cleaning and caring for your wristwatch

As a watch owner, you are responsible for the care and maintenance of your wristwatch, so it keeps running well and you can keep wearing it on your wrist for years. To guide you, here are a few tips on how you can take care of your watch- men’s watch buying guide.

Men’s Watch Buying Guide

Store watches properly – you have 3 storage techniques recommended

  1. Use the original box to store each watch you own.
  2. Watch collection box to store all your watches in one place so they can be displayed
  3. For automatic watches, it is recommended that you store them in a box with winders so that you would not need to wind the crown every time you wear it. For luxury watches, you can store in a safe instead of displaying them to protect from possible fire or burglaries.

Men’s Watch Buying GuideWipe your watch with a clean cloth before storing them

Every time you wear your watch for men, you are exposing them to various fluids such as sweat, lotion, beverage, perfume, etc. At the end of the day, it best to remove your watch form your wrist and wipe it clean with a cloth.

Men’s Watch Buying GuideFor waterproof/water-resistant watches

Use dishwashing soap or mild detergent and lightly scrub off any debris with a brush, make sure you wipe them off with a microfiber cloth and refrain from exposing water-resistant watches from heat.

Men’s Watch Buying GuideFor watches with leather straps

For watches with leather straps, use leather lotion to avoid leather breaks due to moisture and heat. There are products that can be used for a certain type of leather, make sure to use the right leather polish for your wristwatch strap.

Men’s Watch Buying Guide

So, this is the right time for you to choose the right timepiece for your wrist. This men’s watch buying guide is the best guideline for you. Go and get ready to pick the perfect watch for you!

The watch buying guide helps you choose the perfect timepiece for your wrist. So, what are you waiting for? Check these watches that are best for your wrist.

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