Review on the top affordable watches for men

Let us start with the buying guide for affordable watches for men

Watches are not only essential for the purpose of keeping track of time. However, also to spice up our fashionable outfits. For many guys, choosing the right wristwatch can be a bit difficult. The world offers us a wide variety of timepieces. Choosing one can be stressful and confusing. We have prepared a buying guide for affordable watches for men right here.


Tip #1 expert guide – stick with minimalistic and classy design affordable watches

When selecting a watch it would be best to go for a watch with a classy and minimalistic design. While there are a plethora of functional affordable watches for men out there from rubber sport watches, you would wear while running a 5K to tactical digital watches with a bunch of features, we’re going to focus on wristwatches you would wear any sort of outfit. Sure, functional watches serve a purpose but they just don’t look that great with a suit or at the office. So, choose your watch according to your lifestyle, whether you will opt for smartwatches, sports watches, dive watches, or dress watches for everyday use. But, it is safe to say the simpler the better.

Tip #2 – always choose a watch that fits your well – consider the watch sizing

When buying men’s watches, make sure it suits your wrist size. Proportion is the key, always keep that in mind. Select a watch that will compliment your wrist, not one that will make it look weird.

If you’re a big man with a large wrist then a watch with a big face would fit you well. Going for a small face would somehow make you look feminine. On the other hand, if you’re a small guy with a slim wrist, selecting a watch with a small face would equally look appropriate. Wearing one with a big face could have the possibility to slide around your wrist because it’s too huge for you and it also give out a silly and unfit look.

Tip #3 – consider the Movement

There are many types of watch movements but generally speaking, they fall under two categories – mechanical and quartz. The best way to find out whether a watch has quartz or mechanical movement is by observing the second hand. Mechanical watches have a smooth, sweeping seconds motion. This is the reason many luxury brands use a mechanical or automatic movement in their watches.

In contrast, the second hand of quartz watches produces a tick-tick motion that moves once second by second. Deciding whether to go with a timepiece with quartz or mechanical movement is totally up to you.

Tip #4 – Check your Budget

Never buy over your budget. If you’re buying an expensive luxury watches for men just to trap yourself in a mindset that you might have to resell it soon, then you might not enjoy too well. There are affordable watches that can surely meet the basic requirements of a watch, some exceeding too. If you’re patient enough, you’ll find one that is absolutely perfect and enough to satisfy you. It should never hurt you financially. As much as possible, you wouldn’t want to dig a debt, do you?

However, if you’re buying a luxury watch, it is completely fine too—only if you have enough amount of money. Finance shouldn’t be a problem when buying a watch. Some watches can be really expensive, so if you want a luxury watch, make sure you saved up enough money. Don’t pressure yourself just for a timepiece.

Tip#5 – choose your watch well – consider these top affordable watches below

#1 – Tissot Tradition Men’s T0636101603800 Watch

The Tissot Tradition Men’s T0636101603800 Watch has a classic elegance with its design that isn’t too much but gorgeous enough for a dress watch, which also gives it a timeless appeal. Beautifying the watch is the silver guilloche dial. Holding in place its lovely dial along with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is the polished leather strap.

#2 – Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Calendrier Watch

If you know anything about Citizen, then you will fully understand what it means to have high quality and well-designed watches wrapped around your wrist. This Citizen men’s BU2020-02A eco-drive Calendrier watch provides everything you need from a trendy and stylish piece, offering advanced technological features and sophisticated design to outrival others.


Seiko SARB065 Cocktail time is truly an excellent watch and it is one that we would recommend to almost everyone who is looking for a classy timepiece that can be worn for any occasion. It is an eye-catching and timeless addition.