Luxury Watches for men – different types of bezels

Luxury watches for men – Watch parts

Watch for men luxury pieces in your possession is something many aspire for. In many cases, the men, in particular, save for it from the time they could. Exciting and challenging and is sometimes not as easy as it looks.  When you have in your possession a watch that has complicated features involving different scales and functions around its bezel, it is essential to know what those are for. You may not be able to make use of all its functions well.

Luxury watches for men – Common Functions of a  Bezel

Bezels on men’s watches are primarily designed as a tool to monitor pulse, mark the start of races, time races, calculate remaining fuel or even how to create trajectory adjustments, as in the case of the Speedmaster and Apollo 13 pieces.

Luxury watches for men the functions of the bezel

Luxury watches for men – Bezel #1

Count-Up Bezel

Luxury watches for men green watch with green strap

When we say count up the bezel, these are things normally found on a dive watch for men or women. The scale on it goes from 0 to 60 and found around the bezel, and seen aligning with the minutes in an hour. This bezel has a uni-directional counterclockwise. This type of counters is preferred as they can help the diver avoid running out of the air during a dive. 

Luxury watches for men – Bezel # 2


Luxury watches for men what is tachy meter

A tachymeter is another feature common in dive watch for men or women. It is equipped with a common scale that is found on fixed bezels. This one also has a matching chronograph. Its purpose is to allow the wearer to calculate units per hour. A tachymeter can also track any unit for timing that can happen in one minute or less.

Luxury watches for men – Bezel # 3


It is a unique scale only found on timepieces that are used for specialized medical watches. It was developed in a similar way as the tachymeter. The difference though is that rather than tracing units per hour, the pulsometer determines heart rate. The scales on this mechanism is calibrated from 15 to 30 pulses. 

Luxury watches for men – Bezel # 4


Luxury watches for men telemeter, a watch with black leather strap

Luxury watches for men – This one more complication that shares many resemblances with the tachymeter. The difference, however, with the telemeter is that rather than calculating speed (as in the case of the tachymeter). It calculates the distance for an event that can be seen and heard. It was originally designed and developed for soldiers. This type of feature in a watch for men is supposed to allow them to calculate the distance of enemy fire.

Luxury watches for men – Bezel # 5


Luxury watches for men  carl f

To have a GMT bezel can be very helpful not just for pilots or those in the aviator industry, but for anyone whose life or lifestyle requires them to fly across oceans. This mechanism is very helpful during travel as it can easily allow the wearer to track a second-time-zone and a local time. 

Luxury watches for men – how to choose the ideal watch for men

Luxury watches for men, when choosing a luxury watch for men, this should be done with much consideration. This is the reason why one needs to take time out to plan and do some research. Getting a great deal needs investment in time as much as in cash.