Leather Watch Strap review – a guide to leather watch straps

What is a leather watch strap?

A leather watch strap is a natural product that requires care and maintenance to preserve its quality and features, especially in the season of Summer. Heat, saltwater, and sweat could easily ruin your leather strap without a few essential tricks. Your leather watch strap will last longer and stay good as new if given proper care. So, you should know how to take care of your summer watches.

A genuine leather strap is made of authentic leather, obviously. And leather is basically from animal skin. Therefore, your leather strap will behave just like your actual skin. Yes, it’s weird but true. As much as your skin, your leather strap also needs to breathe. That’s why we recommend that you don’t use it for the whole day. Occasionally, give it a break and let it dry.

leather watch strap

Some reminders to do with your leather watch strap:

Another thing you should know is that; you shouldn’t wear your leather strap too tight. It’s a bad habit that may prevent correct blood circulation in your wrist. Moreover, it will stress the strap every time you move your wrist causing an early deterioration of your watch band.

If you are fond of your leather watch strap and want it to stay in good shape, here is a watch guide for the summer on how to care for it during the days of summer.

How to take care of your leather watch strap?

A good habit is to protect your leather strap from heat because exposure to direct sunlight will cause its color to fade and could also stiffen the natural softness of genuine leather.

Saltwater is also one of the rivals of leather, and the best way to protect it is simply keeping it away from water. But for those who dive into the sea without thinking of it, don’t worry, you can still save watches for men through this process.

Things to do in cleaning leather watch strap:

  • Brush off your leather watch strap to remove salt stains.
  • Use a gentle body soap and water with a towel to clean off it.
  • Take a spray bottle and mix together half parts water and half parts vinegar.
  • Clean off your leather strap again with a towel and water.
  • Let your leather strap dry naturally.

Moisture and sweat, another enemy of leather that would most probably be the hardest to avoid. The best way is to take it off sometimes, giving it a chance to breathe. It should be a habit during Summer since heat produces sweat and moisture that can wear out leather pretty quickly. The dry climate could be also negative for leather that’s why a good idea is to apply a small amount of conditioner to avoid your watch strap becoming rigid and cracked.

Leather Watch Strap

Regular cleaning is the best practice to preserve your leather strap during Summer. The strap is constantly in contact with your skin, and when you do things, there is a possibility that it picks up dust or sand (especially in Summer, like when you’re out at the beach). This should be done no less than 6 times a year but if you are used to wearing your leather watch strap during busy sunny days, it could be a good idea to repeat such an operation once a month.