Dive watches – advantages and disadvantages

Dive watches – not only for divers

Diving watches for men and women are one of those products that never seem to go out of style. On the contrary, the makers, designers, and manufacturers of these accessories continuously come up with innovations, launches, and upgrades of their timepieces. It would seem like horological experts have made it their life’s goal to provide watch lovers like us more and more reasons to stay true with our fondness for these pieces. 

Dive watches – Origin of dive watches

Although it may be referred to as relatively “new”, this type of watch actually made its debut last 2005 and the company responsible for their entry into our world is Seiko. From the time of its launch till today, companies that have made it their businesses to produce such timepieces continue to uphold their byline on it, which is that it is one with “ revolutionary movement”. It promised from its conception to bring the industry to a whole new level and that is exactly what it accomplished. 

Dive watches – What is Spring Dive watch?

If you are familiar with the mechanism of self-winding automatic watches for men and women and the accuracy of the quartz timepieces, put them both together and you have the Spring Dive. It is pretty much similar to the kinetic watch, in the sense that it combines the best features of both automatic and quartz watches and made things even better.  Yes, it made things better through the highly advanced technological mechanism it used on its movement. 

Dive watches – How does it work?

This is where the automatic feature comes in. the mechanism that is behind its source of energy is similar to the automatic, which means it has a mainspring that allows it to generate and store potential energy. On top of that, it also possesses a rotor for winding (like the mechanical watch) and the mainspring for self-winding (like an automatic) as the watch is used. 

Dive watches – How is it different from other types?

  • It is more special than the rest because it is primarily more accurate than keeping time, compared with the automatic, mechanical and even quartz wristwatches
  • Another difference is that instead of a balance wheel and escapement as part of its components, a spring drive makes use of the Tri-synchro regulator to keep time.
  • It integrates the circuit paired with a quartz crystal to make sure that wristwatch the watch is keeping precise and accurate time.

Dive watches – Advantages and Disadvantages of a Spring Dive Watch

Dive watches - Advantages and Disadvantages of a Spring Dive Watch


  • Not everyone can own this type of timepiece, so there are prestige and honor attach to the ownership of one. 
  • It employs a Tri-synchro regulator that keeps the watch accurate at all times
  • The best merging of an automatic watch’s craftsmanship with the accuracy of quartz


  • Quality and prestige do not come cheap.

Dive watches – most important tool

Dive watches are the most important tool you will have when you are going diving or swimming. Numerous dive watches have different features and depth gauge, with such important an important survival tool, it pays to make the right choice. Not all dive watches are made equally and some are just for show, so it is important to do your own research on which dive watch features works for you best.