Complete guide in getting the best smartwatches

Great features to know about Smartwatch

Smartwatch has been in the watch industry for a long time but it became popular after the successful campaign by Pebble at Kickstarter in 2012. As a result, there are various smartwatches from different brands offering to different subgroups of consumers.

People recognize this gadget because of its great features that include fitness tracking, GPS, Bluetooth and etc in which makes the consumer more interested. Because of that, it’s in demand worldwide and the watch companies manufactured the best smartwatches that fit customer’s lifestyles.

What is a Smartwatch?

best smartwatches

Smartwatch is a wearable computer in the form of a wristwatch, according to Wikipedia. In addition, the modern smartwatches have a local touchscreen interface for everyday use then the smartphone app provides for the management.

The latest smartwatches are smarter compared to the earlier models of the late 80s and 90s for they have Bluetooth that can connect and sync the data from the watch to the phone so also inbuilt GPS, optical heart rate sensor. Few smartwatches can make and receive calls directly from the watch.

Furthermore, the smartwatch industry made a fitness tracking in which one of the big factors that smartwatches boom in the market. It helps the consumer to live a healthy lifestyle.

Types of Best Smartwatches

Best smartwatches have no official classification but there are categories that emanate from the smartwatch specific purpose and the preferences of consumers. They are classified based on features such as appearance and the price. Here are the smartwatches in the following categories.


Fitness Smartwatch

The fitness smartwatch has the standard sensors inbuilt ready to track your real-time activities. These sensors have an accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS and heart rate sensor. This is the major contributor to the smartwatch boom since a lot of smartwatches falls into this category.

The fitness smartwatches include Apple watch series 4, Fitbit Versa and Samsung Galaxy watch.

Standalone Smartwatch

The standalone smartwatch is capable of making and receiving calls directly on the watch. It has a microphone, loudspeaker, and antenna, these three components support its cellular capabilities.

Standalone smartwatches include Apple watch series 4, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Zeblaze Thor 4 and Lemfo Lem 8. They are the best standalone smartwatches in the marketplace today that are capable of initiating and receiving calls independently without the need for connection to a phone.

Comprehensive Smartwatch

It is one that has a long-range of features such as fitness tracking and standalone capabilities. Also, it has all the standard sensors onboard that can make and receive calls plus water-proof and more. Apple watch series and Samsung Galaxy are the best examples for this category.


Classic Smartwatch

As the name states, classic smartwatches are those that stay in their original appearance. They often look like traditional watches. Classic Smartwatches are suitable for many occasions, such as official outings, athletic activities or casual wear. Some examples include the Samsung Galaxy watch and Ticwatch C2 which mostly have a casing made of stainless steel, silver or aluminum.

Sport Smartwatch

A sports smartwatch is a smartwatch that has features that are great for athletic activities or either a casual occasion. These are mostly made to be comfortable and light, and examples are Apple watch series 4 and Fitbit Versa.

Hybrid Smartwatch

This type of smartwatch has an analog display with mechanical hands just like the traditional watches. It had to be produced as a result of divergent views from consumers who didn’t like the digital display. Notable names such as Fossil and Michael Kors have a range of fine classical hybrid smartwatches.


Smart bands, also called Smart bracelets, are wrist-worn activity trackers with limited smartwatch functions. A typical smart band looks like a bracelet rather than a smartwatch, that’s where it got its name. It usually has one or two sensors for activity tracking features. An example is MI Band 3 which one of the cheapest smart bands in the market.


Luxury Smartwatch

Of course, these are expensive kinds. Irrespective of design and functions these types of smartwatches are generally expensive, though it’s reasonable. Some of the best smartwatches on the market are Montblanc Summit 2 and Tag Heuer Connected 41.


Modern watches at this generation are capable of more fascinating features beyond the basic functions of a watch. A smartwatch is definitely not an exception. In fact, it’s the best example. Who knew, more than keeping track of time, you could actually keep track of your schedules, notifications, and so on. The whole idea from the onset was to get technology into smaller vessels, today, what an average smartwatch can do is far beyond what the pioneers ever thought.

Telling Time

Although it’s a given, the smartwatch hasn’t drifted away from it’s most important function, which is telling time. The only difference is that rather than the traditional way, they tell time digitally. The most popular digital displays are LCD, OLED and AMOLED technologies which include monochromic and multi-color display types. Multi-color display technologies are interactive and eye-pleasing but it costs battery life.

Health & Fitness Tracking

Modern-day smartwatches have sensors built into them, these sensors can automatically detect a user motion and will track the activity. Just like smartphones, standard sensors found in a smartwatch includes; an accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate monitor and GPS sensors.



An accelerometer in a smartwatch can detect linear motion – it can track steps, calories, and sleep. Counting the number of steps you take in a day and tracking your sleep patterns is one of the functions of a smartwatch.


A gyroscope detects rotational motions in three different axes. An average smartwatch will have a gyroscope sensor inbuilt which can track your cycling activities and other rotational movements.

Heart Rate Monitor

Almost every smartwatch available today comes with a heart rate sensor. This sensor is able to monitor your heart rate and from the result, you can know if you are exercising within your limits. The HRM as it’s fondly called helps you achieve the best performance in your workout.


The GPS sensor is inbuilt in most smartwatches and mostly helps in terms of location. Its function is to help you track outdoor activities such as the distance left or covered, you can track routes you take or took as well as locations. It’s one of the vital sensors you will find in a smartwatch.

Staying Connected

Some best smartwatches can send text messages and calls, or even connect to the WiFi to use social apps. It’s a good way to stay connected with your friends or relatives and to stay updated with what’s happening in society.

Making You More Efficient

In a world where time is so precious making maximum use of your time is very important. Best smartwatches help you save time and achieve more. For instance, quite a lot of smartwatches have NFC inbuilt which lets you make payments on the go from the watch.

Entertainment On The Go

Best smartwatches come with storage space for apps or downloads, which can be used to promote your entertainment. You can play, listen to music, or other media apps on the go. This feature comes handy while working out. You can’t conveniently carry your phone with you during workout sessions.

Typical Features of Best Smartwatches

The smartwatch industry is dynamic and the modern-day smartwatch is evolving. New features are added in such a small amount of time, this possibly accounts for the millions of dollars in investment from tech giants. The typical features of the best smartwatches are the following:

A digital watch face for displaying the time, notifications received and other complications. A loudspeaker that lets you play media files anywhere. WiFi, Bluetooth or both for connecting to nearby devices and initiates notifications alert on the watch. NFC chip for mobile payment. Microphone for accessing voice command. Inbuilt sensors for activity tracking. Standalone smartwatch support cellular connectivity for calls and internet-related functions.

More than these, there will probably be more interesting and efficient features of the best smartwatches added in the future as technology evolves fast.

Advantages of a Smartwatch

  1. Smartwatch tells the time and lets you set an alarm so also show calendar just like the traditional watch.
  2. Smartwatch helps you stay fit and healthy because it can track your daily activities.
  3. Smartwatch can entertain you because it has onboard storage space that lets you store media files on your watch.
  4. Smartwatch can make you more efficient for it automatically does what you command to it.
  5. Smartwatch can keep you connected and updated because it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that can let you connect to your phone and able to sync data from your phone.

Disadvantages of a Smartwatch

  1. Smartwatch has a short battery life because you can use it for 1-2 days.
  2. Smartwatch prices are high compared to other watches.

What makes a Good Smartwatch?

  • It must look stylish and elegant.
  • It must have an impressive battery life.
  • It must track your daily activities accurately.
  • It must help you stay connected no matter what happens.
  • It must not be too thick or bulky so also the same time lightweight.
  • It must entertain you whenever you go.
  • It must not lag upon using it.

helps you live a healthy lifestyle

Smartwatch is popular nowadays because of its amazing features that’s why watch companies are manufacturing several best smartwatches worldwide. However, you should also consider its advantages and disadvantages before deciding to own one. It must not be because many are using it, make sure that it serves its purpose and fits your lifestyle.