Comparison of Amazfit GTR, Verge 2 and Stratos

What’s the difference between Amazfit GTR, Verge 2 and Stratos?

Now that the world is innovating, at the same time, we are able to be more efficient through the years by means of technology – watches are an essential accessory, which isn’t an exception. In fact, technology has caused watchmakers to create timepieces that are more than just about keeping track of time. In our modern days, smartwatches exist and have existed for a few years since then. They are fascinating masterpieces that enable you to do things such as message, receive notifications or calls, and even some of them allow you to pay bills with just one tap. However, the best thing to do is compare smartwatches to be able to know its great features and what is lacking in them.

It’s undeniably amazing: all of that in just one small accessory wrapped around your wrist. With that being said, some of the well-known smartwatches in the industry are the Amazfit GTR, Verge 2, and Stratos. They’re all great, but we wouldn’t really want to buy all three, so you’d probably think of comparing them and finding out each one’s difference. Better compare smartwatches to find the best one for your wrist since they have different features that you must know before purchasing a new smartwatch.

comparisons of the three watches in five categories:

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It’s pleasant to see the Amazfit GTR join the Stratos with a more decent design that is enough for it to be considered the perfect definition of a premium smartwatch, but it doesn’t mean the Verge 2 isn’t as decent. It is certainly a fine-looking smartwatch with an impressive microcrystalline zirconium ceramic casing. The design of GTR and Stratos are more on the sophisticated side – elegant, stylish, and classy. The GTR comes in more durable varieties such as stainless steel, aluminum, and a premium titanium model that weighs just 40 grams, along with its thin fluoro-rubber strap that’s very comfortable to wear. It’s a good choice for women because of its slim strap which is the slimmest among the three. Moving on to the display, AMOLED powers the displays of the Verge 2 while GTR uses transflective LCD – a very bright display that’s very easy to read outdoors compared to AMOLED.

Storage and Media

Both Amazfit Verge 2 and Stratos come with 4GB onboard storage with about 2GB available for storing your important files. On the other hand, GTR lacks significant onboard storage, therefore you can’t take your music with you on this device. In addition, the Verge 2 being an independent smartwatch has a loudspeaker and microphone that allows you to initiate and receive calls from the device, and can also play your files anytime and anywhere, especially when you forget your Bluetooth earphones.

Cellular Connectivity

Being the first Amazfit smartwatch to become a standalone smartwatch, the Verge 2 comes with cellular support that can go up to 4G. You can initiate and receive calls from this device. This feature isn’t present on GTR nor Stratos, so if this is an important factor for you, then you know what to choose.

Fitness Tracking

Smartwatches are always expected to help you out with fitness tracking – well, three of them have that feature. They can help you track your active life and manage your fitness level effortlessly. Each of these offers 12 sport modes to choose from which includes some of your favorite sport modes such as elliptical, treadmill indoor runs, outdoor runs, and more. However, the Verge 2 is the first smartwatch from Xiaomi to be equipped with ECG tracking feature. It enables you to take instant ECG from your wrist which is a very important feature that’s also available on the Apple Watch 4. It helps you detect atrial fibrillations, a form of irregular heart rhythm that can become a problem if left untreated.

Battery Life

Each of these three has got a decent battery life that lets you go on days on a single charge only. However, the GTR has the longest battery life of them all that lets you go weeks just by charging it once. Although it is yet to be tested and confirmed, the 47mm GTR will last just about 34 days on mixed usage, while the 42mm version will last a long as 10 days or more. It’s a lot more than the Stratos with only about 3-5 days of battery life and even longer than Verge 2 with only one or two days of battery life on the same mixed usage. Obviously, GTR is the best pick in terms of battery life.

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In conclusion, all three offers different varieties of features and own strengths, one overcoming another. They are all unique and have fields that they are best at, but it’s only up to you. For instance, if you’re looking for something that can last long with only one charge, GTR is the best option according to the compare smartwatches details. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find the most suitable for your preference. Just be sure to choose wisely.

Again, compare smartwatches to be able to get the best smartwatch in the marketplace. Make sure that all the features that you’re looking for must be present in the smartwatch that you like. Then, you’ll be happy wearing it the entire day.