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comparison of Garmin Fenix 5X Plus, Polar Vantage V and Suunto 9 Baro

People nowadays are looking for smartwatches that have several features such as fitness tracking, GPS, water-resistant, Wi-Fi, long battery life, onboard storage and more. They compare smartwatches before purchasing the smartwatch they like since they’ll be using it or wearing it daily. A few individuals consider the design of a smartwatch. It must have a stylish design and comfortable to wear the entire day.

There are many smartwatches in the market today, it’s hard to choose the best one for us. Here is the comparison of the three smartwatches – Garmin Fenix 5X Plus, Polar Vantage, and Suunto 9 Baro. For sure, you’ll pick the sophisticated smartwatch that has comprehensive features. Better compare smartwatches to be able to know its features and find the best one for you.

Garmin Fenix 5X Plus vs Polar Vantage V vs Suunto 9 Baro

compare smartwatches

1. Design

These three smartwatches have a distinctive design that describes the true premium smartwatch that features the most durable materials on the marketplace. Ensures that these smartwatches will withstand difficult conditions with outdoor activities especially to climbers and hikers.

The Vantage V has the most outstanding and stylish design that a fitness smartwatch should have. It’s lightweight and the size is moderate which means a good fit for an individual’s wrist so also very comfortable to wear the entire day.

 Fenix 5X Plus is not a touchscreen, unlike the other two smartwatches in which easy to navigate the small interfaces. The 9 Baro has the widest display that allows you to see more even in a glance.

2. Fitness Tracking

These three smartwatches have the best fitness tracking feature. They are equipped in tracking your training comprehensively in the most efficient manner. Also, equipped with the standard sensors that can track your active lifestyle.

Each of these smartwatches can basically track your steps, distance, calories, complete sleep cycle, and continuous heart rate. Also, the pace to the more updated fitness tracking features like recovery, training load and stress management features which help improve your efficiency with no breakdown.

Moreover, these three smartwatches have an inbuilt GPS that supports a multi-satellite system which makes them the best choice in navigating even if you’re in the most difficult territory.

The Fenix 5x plus features an additional pulse OX sensor, it can monitor your blood oxygen level that helps you see if your body is utilizing oxygen very well. It is very handy to climbers because it helps you know if it’s not safe to continue climbing in a certain place. The Pulse OX sensor uses light beams in order to measure how well your body uses oxygen while you’re sleeping. It allows you to gauge the SpO2 overnight or utilize it to take a spot measurement if you want to check how well your body is absorbing oxygen. Also, it gives you added insight on your sleep patterns so also your light, deep and REM stages along with your movement all night. Fenix 5X Plus has another feature, ClimbPro. It provides real-time information on recent and upcoming climbs that allow you to climb in the slope, distance, and elevation that you gain for each ascent segment. Also, the progress marker that shows you how far you have to go.

3. Water Resistance Rating

These three smartwatches are swim-proof and a great choice in tracking your swims. The 5X Plus and 9 Baro are rated 10ATM while the Vantage V is 3ATM/5ATM. It means that 5X Plus and 9 Baro are the best for underwater activities and suitable for divers.

4. Connectivity

Fenix 5X Plus has many features compared to the other two smartwatches. It has NFC which enables Garmin Pay, it is a contactless payment system that allows you to make payment using this device unlike the two smartwatches because they lack NFC chip. The 5x Plus can keep you connected with Wi-Fi onboard compared to the other two smartwatches, they lack Wi-Fi and rely on the Bluetooth only.

5. Storage

Fenix 5X Plus has 16GB onboard storage that allows you to store over 1000 songs of your favorite tracks. It allows you to take your music with you which is a great way for you to be focus and motivated on your goal unlike the 9 Baro and Vantage V, they lack onboard storage.

6. Battery Life

These three smartwatches as fitness trackers have a long battery life that can keep you going for more days on a single charge. It means these three are a great choice in tracking an extreme workout. However, the 5X Plus has long battery life for it will last about 2 weeks on a smartwatch mode compared to the two, the battery life will last about a week. Fenix 5X Plus is the best option in tracking a long hour activity, recommended to hikers.

Which is better?

These three smartwatches have features that define a comprehensive fitness smartwatch while having a long battery life even on a single charge. However, the Garmin Fenix 5X Plus is the most equipped for it has many features that make it a more comprehensive smartwatch. Also, it has a comprehensive fitness tracker and the longest battery life. Even if it’s more expensive, still the best choice for fitness tracking to pro athletes and active individuals. The Vantage V is recommendable to women because it’s the most stylish among the here and has a moderate size that’s suitable for individuals who have a smaller wrist. Suunto 9 Baro has a comprehensive fitness tracking that has a long battery life which can be used for more days even in a single charge. So, compare smartwatches before deciding to own one to avoid regrets.

find the best smartwatch for your wrist

Indeed, you have now the idea of which smartwatch to choose among the three smartwatches. Just put in mind that your choice is always the best. As we all know that smartwatches have amazing features that you must know to fully understand its usage. When you compare smartwatches, it will give you the right idea on which to select among the three smartwatches. For sure, you will be able to pick the right smartwatch for your wrist.