Chronometer Watches- review, buying guide, pros, and cons

Chronometer Watches – It is a specific type of mechanical watch tested and certified to meet certain precision standards.

It as an understandable thing is a person would mistake Chronometer watches for men with that of Chronograph watches.  Given their name I mean, it cannot be helped that many people may not make a distinction between the two. You may be surprised to learn though that the first two syllables of their names are about the extent of their similarity. The difference is, however, something we will deal with in a bit.

chronometer watches

What is a Chronometer watches in comparison to a Chronograph?

The simplest way to distinguish the two would be to first describe what they are, to begin with. For that matter, a  chronograph is a practically another name for a stopwatch. On the other hand, a chronometer, in a nutshell, would be best described as a very accurate version of an automatic watch for men or women.

Origin of Chronometer watches

  • As it is with most inventions, the desire or the common motivation is usually to provide for a need or in this case improve on what is a perceived shortcoming of a product already available in the market. The second reason is what actually led to the development and eventual birth of the Chronometer.  
  • It may be noted that it is described as a more accurate version of an automatic watch for men and that is precisely what it is. At that time, the +-20 seconds per day accuracy appeared to be too much for people to handle and manage during the industrial period. This is a particular concern to those depend so much on accuracy in time, as it is in the case of those in the naval expeditions as well as the railroad industry. A slight inaccuracy can mean lost in money or lives for that matter.

The mechanism behind the Chronometer Watches

  • The watch primarily is manufactured using high-quality materials that were chosen for their capacity to resist the contracting or expanding effect of changes in temperature. 
  • Another notable characteristic of this piece is that its movement is considered to be more advanced than other types of watches for men and women, in that it can reduce abnormalities that may affect accuracy.
  • In comparison, chronometers are required to have an average daily rate of -4 or +6 seconds per day to be considered up to standard.
  • These watches also have to undergo certification in Switzerland just to prove their authenticity and capacity as defined by the COSC standard. Hence, buyers are ensured that the quality and capacity of the timepiece’s performance are certified by experts on the field.

Advantage and Disadvantages of Chronometer Watches

As it is with all comparisons another type needs to be highlighted. In this case, the closest measuring stick to this timepiece is the automatic watch.

Advantages of Chronometer Watches

  • It is vouched by experts to be the most accurate and precise automatic that money can avail of in the market. 
  • Chronometers are proven and  tested for their accuracy, given many factors that may affect it like changing temperature, or different positions it encounters. 

Disadvantages of Chronometer Watches

  • It is naturally more expensive than your regular (already expensive as it is) automatic watch.

Chronometer Watches

Furthermore, chronometer watches are recommendable to individuals who prefer wearing automatic watches. For sure you’ll choose this kind of watch even if it’s pricey if you want quality watches. Most of the reason that you purchase a watch is that because of your work, sports, fashion and many more.