Watch Strap guide – Basic Watch Care Tips for the Summer

Watch strap – get the most out of wristwatch by choosing a great strap

Watch strap is one of the elements on a timepiece that get the most attention, and getting the perfect watch strap is of course very important. Another thing to keep in mind is that once you have chosen the perfect watch strap for summer, it is essential to know how you can take care of your watch strap for the summer, to get the most out of your timepiece.

Watch strap – the option is limitless

watch strap the key to looking good is feeling great

Men and women’s watches knows no limits in what they have to offer. It goes without saying that there is a perfect or most appropriate timepiece for any purpose or season. As we prepare for the most awaited season of all, there is much to be said about men and women’s watches.

Watch strap – Why invest in a watch strap?

watch strap the popular NATO straps

I am sure that many watch aficionados already and are already eyeing a nice wristwatch to complement their summer get up. Planning and readiness are definitely good ideas. They are sure ways to get as much from the season after all women’s summer watches and men do not come cheaply.

Common Summer Situations:

Just like anything else men and women’s watches have their nemesis. 

  • Liquids – these  come in any form and the most type we need to be most mindful off these days would be water (from the pool, sea and yes even from the glass)
  • Humidity  
  • Dirt 
  • Changing temperature
  • Magnets 

Things to Remember:

Cleaning your leather strap

Steps to follow:

Make sure you remove the watch (the head itself) before doing so.

  • Take the watch off using a forked end , then off with the small spring-bars attached to the straps. These are the two pins that secure the watch to its straps. Do not forget to keep all these in a safe place, to keep them secure and at the same time keep them safe from moisture and other elements that may cause tarnishing or rusting. 

Cleaning can be done either by

  • a.A soft dry cloth that you can use to wipe the grime and dust off; or b. A soft slightly damp cloth. This one is best especially if you experiencing sweating and exposure to dust and more grime.  c. If the sweating was too much or there are stains on the strap, then a slightly damp soft cloth, with a bit of gentle soap on it can do wonders. Make sure you avoid the pin holes, as these would normally have some metal parts to them that you would not want to be tarnished. d. It is a definite no, no to use a very damp cloth or worst wash a leather strap.  e. In case of very tough stains, you either live with it or seek more professional help on it. Remember that the aim of all of this is to simply remove surface dirt and at the same make sure you enjoy your summer watch bands for a long time. 

Watch strap – how to clean rubber watch band

Steps to follow:

  1. Just like what you do with a rubber strap, you remove first the watch before cleaning its strap (for the same reasons). 
  2. The most convenient way to do it is to simply use a drop of liquid wash soap on a damp soft cloth.
  3. Wipe the cloth on the surface of the strap using circular motions, until you are satisfied. As usual, avoid the pin holes, but why when these are also made of rubber. This is because would not want water and suds collecting in them when you re-insert the pins later.

Take note of these easy tips so that your watch straps last longer and you enjoy them better.