Affordable watches for women – our top 3 selections

Affordable watches for women – what to look for in affordable watches for women

Affordable watches for women are something most people come up with, whether they are looking for a gift or are looking for great watches for women for themselves. Today, we are going to look at three different women’s watches that are affordable and worth investing in.

Affordable watches for women – choose both style and brand

There is an overwhelming number of affordable watches for women to choose from in terms of both style and brands. We realize time is of the essence both literally and figuratively, so we have listed our top 3 picks of affordable watches for women, and done research for you to find these 3 affordable watches for women that look good, but won’t have you maxing out your credit card.

These 3 top pick of affordable watches for women is a guide for you to choose affordable watches for women, yet with great quality.

Affordable watches for women #1 – Montara watches

Affordable watches for women #1 – Montara watches

Montara® Watches is a Danish watch company resident in Copenhagen, Denmark. The watch company was founded in 2014, but with a history dating back to 1932, when Captain Kristen Rasmussen sailed between Copenhagen and Montara, CA.

Montara watches supply minimalist men’s and women’s watches, suitable for modern men and women who want to exude a good classic style.

Montara’s watches are in a minimalist design, where they place great emphasis on the traditional Scandinavian taste. The first collection “The Voyage” came on the streets in 2016 and has since been very well received by both customers and the media.

Montara watches all have interchangeable straps, which can easily be replaced without the use of special tools. You can purchase different types of straps, this is so you can use your Montara watches even in summer with the NATO strap, and leather straps for a finer occasion.

Montara watches are known for their affordable watches for women and men, although with its average price range, you still get the most reliable and durable materials on their watches.

Affordable watches for women – Daniel Wellington

Affordable watches for women – Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington watches for women are also known for their timeless and elegant affordable watches for women. We will not go in-depth with Daniel Wellington’s history, as this is a well-known brand is has been on the market far earlier than the Montara Watches. Making it short, like Montara Watches, Daniel Wellington watches are designed in a minimalistic and refined classic look. Which makes it very much desirable for businesswomen, and classy women, as well as for the sporty ones.

Daniel Wellington is also known for their affordable watches for women, although with the average price of $150 to $400 watches, there is always something that will catch your eye on the list of watches from this brand.

This is why this is one of our favorite brands for affordable watches for women. With Daniel Wellington watches you can never go wrong with matching it to any outfit and wearing it to any occasion.

Let us not go further into the classic and sophisticated design of Daniel Wellington women’s watches. However, a tip for you if you are looking for affordable watches for women, yet wants to look classy, sophisticated, and professional you can never go wrong with either Montara watches or Daniel Wellington watch.

So the question is…

Affordable watches for women Should you go for Daniel Wellington watches or Montara Watches?

This is a very good question as both watches are within almost the same price range. Daniel Wellington from $159 to $199 and Montara Watches from $127 to $150. Daniel Wellington has gradually become a world-famous watch brand at the moment, so if you like to go with the trend, you should probably choose affordable watches for women from Daniel Wellington. Montara Watches as mentioned above, is young and new in the watch market, so if you are the type who loves to stand out and who wants a Danish watch design, then you should definitely go with the affordable watches for women from Montara Watches.

Affordable watches for women– Apple Watch

Affordable watches for women- Apple Watch

Apple Watch is included in this list of affordable watches for women because Apple Watch is one of the most popular digital and smartwatches on the market today. Although the price is a bit higher than the 2 brands mentioned above, there are Apple Watch series which are affordable and very much sophisticated in design, feminine look, and most of all it syncs with your iPhone. If you are the type of woman that has everything and anything going on in your life such as, exercise, meetings, work, house chores, kids to take care of, etc. This is the perfect watch for you.

Although Apple watch does not belong in the list of affordable watches for women, we included this watch on our list. Having a smartwatch has somehow become a necessity in our busy lives. Depending on which Watch Apple series you are most attracted to, the price range is from $300 to $499. With all the features the Apple Watch offers such as built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, and many more. The only downside of such smartwatches is that, due to its advanced technology, its battery life may not last as long as an analog watch.

Affordable watches for women – Final tip

Though with all the choices you are presented when searching for affordable watches for women, it is important to consider what you feel most comfortable with along with what you need a watch for. It is a fact that you need to consider your lifestyle when searching for affordable watches for women, whether you will be using your watch for outdoor activities, for business meetings, or you simply just need a watch for your daily wear. This list of considerations is important when searching for affordable watches for women, this is to narrow down your search and end up with results only for the types of watches that you want.