Watch maintenance – How often should you service your watch

Watch maintenance – regular servicing, make it a habit

A wristwatch is like a high-performance sports car; your mechanical watch needs to be serviced every now and then. In timepiece argot, such treatment is called a complete overhaul, and although that is mostly accurate, it is also a little misleading. It refers, in essence to a tune-up, but what does it really mean? In this article, we will give you tips and tricks on how to maintain your wristwatch in good condition and what to look out for when you get your watch serviced.

Watch maintenance – How often do I need to complete an overhaul?

Most Swiss and German watch manufacturers recommend watch maintenance one every five years. Some say as few as four, other as many as 10, every five to seven years is, therefore, a good range to keep in mind. It depends on how much and how often the watch is worn, and how it is stored when off the wrist. The more the watch is worn the better. As a rule of thumb, a watch should be overhauled approximately every four to five years. If it is worn regularly and stored properly, one can wait longer.

Watch maintenance – Do climate and other weather conditions factor into overhaul frequency?

Yes, it does. If you are in the water every weekend with your dive watch, five years is the maximum time, not the minimum, you should let elapse between watch servicing and watch maintenance. This will ensure that the O-ring rubber gaskets aren’t cracked or the screw-down threads compromised – the last thing you want is for your caliber to be flooded with seawater.

For watches worn in swimming pools or other bodies of water, like in the shower, it is important to have the watch tested for water resistance every two years, as the sealing gaskets age and easily corrode when exposed to water. Changing all the gaskets ensures that the water-resistance of your watch is still intact. Which in turn makes sure that humidity does not get to the movement and see the finest part start rusting.

Watch maintenance – How you care for your luxury timepiece

Watch maintenance - How you care for your luxury timepiece
  • Regular Service

Just like your annual physical check-up, a luxury watch needs to be serviced or watch maintenance regularly. Most brands recommend servicing your watch every 5 to 7 years. These regular overhauls that the inner workings of your luxury watch are clean and functioning, the seals are still waterproof, and the various oils and lubrication are still in good supply. It is also a chance to ensure that your watch still keeps time accurately. Letting your watch go too long without servicing puts it at risk for damage from dried oil or grit, increases the cost of your next service and it could even make you late for an important meeting as it either loses or gains time as it

  • Emergency Visits

Damages like a broken crystal, bracelet or moisture inside require you to bring the watch in regardless of how recently it’s been serviced. A broken crystal or moisture inside the watch could damage the dial, which is one of the most expensive parts of a watch to replace. A damaged bracelet renders your watch unwearable. If your watch experiences any of these symptoms, you should bring it in for service immediately.

Watch maintenance – taking care of your watch

Watch maintenance is to ensure a long-lasting pleasure and performance of your timepiece we have created a short and easy-to-understand guide.