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Mobvio Ticwatch Pro

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The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro specifications

Brand – Mobvio

Model – TicWatch Pro

Display – AMOLED 1. 39″, 400×400 px

Feature – LTE/4G

Speaker – yes

NFC – Yes


The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro is launched last year, but slightly different. Not only does it have a cellular connection, which by the way means that you will have to pay a monthly data plan for the watch. They have also bumped up the RAM for improved performance and has a great design prior to the earlier model. The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro is feature-packed and costs a whopping $299.

What does the 4G LTE connectivity offer on Mobvio Ticwatch Pro?

You can leave your phone at home and still get texts, make and receive calls, and receive any other app notifications. It is ideal for runners who don’t want to bring their phone along or anyone who wants to reduce smartphone screen time, but still, wants to receive alerts or notifications wherever and whenever.

The only down-side to this feature is that you have to pay a monthly data plan of at least $10 a month. For the most part, this is very convenient, for those people who want to leave their phone behind, on such situations such as business meeting or exercising, but still wants to receive notifications at the same time.

The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro design

The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro looks and feels premium, but the watch is quite bulky. The casing at 45mm in diameter and 12. 6 mm thick, it might feel awkward against medium-sized wrists. Anyone with a petite frame will probably want to pass on this one and instead go for something smaller, like the previous model TicWatch E2 which is great both for men and women, and is also feature-packed.

Past this thick and chunky design, the Mobvio Ticwatch Pro has a classy appearance that leans masculine. The black bezels against a circular black casing give the Mobvio Ticwatch Pro a stealthy aesthetic that the noncellular version lacked.

The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro dual display and battery life

What makes the Mobvio Ticwatch Pro stands out from the other smartwatches is its dual-screen technology. The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro has a 1.39-inch, 400 x 400 resolution OLED panel for display Google’s Wear OS interface. Above it rests a Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic LCD panel, which acts as the watch’s ambient screen. The switch happens seamlessly, you can’t tell there are two displays at all, and the benefit is the LCD screen uses very little battery life.

Tap the screen and you will be greeted to a colorful, high-resolution screen that shows off Google’s Wear OS software. The screen is largely making it easy to read notifications and the like. It gets bright enough to read outdoors as well. When your watch is idle it will swap to the LCD panel, which is monochrome and looks like digital watches of old. It just displays the time and date in this mode, as well as step count and battery life. It is also perfectly readable in sunny conditions, though some wish they could customize the clock. This switch between the LCD ambient screen and the OLED main screen means you get two days of battery life, which solves a major pain point with most smartwatches.

The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro battery life

The 415mAh battery drains faster when it is connected to a 4G LTE network, however, you can keep your battery up until bedtime if you only respond to notifications, so it might not last a full day if you have a particularly long exercise session and use the 4G connectivity a lot.

The best feature is Essential Mode, which lets you turn on only the LCD screen. It shuts Wear OS down, so you can see the date, time, and battery life, and step count, not nothing else. In this mode, battery life is extended up to 30 days.

All smartwatches should have a feature like Essential Mode, as it is especially handy when you are traveling and forget to pack a charger, you don’t need to look silly with a dead smartwatch on your wrist.

The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro software and performance

The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro runs Google Wear OS platform, and it’s dead simple to use. Swipe left from the watch face for customizable tiles, which are like widgets, a swipe down from the top will pull down quick setting, a swipe to the right will open up Visual Snapshot with Google Assistant, which displays relevant information like tracking data for packages, calendar for events, and more. A swipe up will give you access to notifications.

You can respond to notifications, but the interactions don’t feel as elegant as responding to messages on Apple Watch. There is also a distinct lack of good apps for Wear OS app, for instance, does not let you look at all your conversations on the watch, you can just see message history when notifications come in.

The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro fitness, health, and GPS

The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro Wear OS watches offer two types of preinstalled fitness tracking methods, Google Fit and Mobvoi’s own suite of apps. It can be confusing, but the choice is yours on what you want to use, both offers similar data, however, some still prefer to use Google Fit’s approach of hitting heart point and move minute goals. Google’s Fit app also looks a lot better, whereas Mobvoi’s mobile app looks downright ugly and basic.

Mobvoi’s apps include TicExercise, for tracking workouts, TicHealth, for looking at daily activity data, and TicPulse, for measuring heart rate. They often provide richer information on the watch, and Mobvoi’s heart rate monitor tracks heart rate 24/7 and is much faster at capturing data than Google Fit, so there are perks to using them over Google’s options. You can even use TicPulase during Essential Mode, and it will capture your heart history for up to 30 days.

During a workout, the data is easy to see and you can cycle through information with just a swipe, the Autopause function works well, understanding when you take a break and pausing from the workout. TicMotion 2.0, which is the name of the overarching software from Mobvoi, is supposed to be able to automatically log workouts, but it failed to log a run. The TicHealth app does deliver reminders suggesting to go for a walk when the watch belives you have been sedentary for some time, but they don’t come as frequently as you have seen on Galaxy Fit or the Apple watch.

The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro verdict

The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro design because it looks slick, but Google and third-party developers need to add more functionality and features to make the platform more robust. Support for 4G LTE adds a few features you won’t see on other Wear OS smartwatches, like the ability to call people, a speaker so you can listen to calls, an SOS mode for emergencies, and music streaming without the need for a phone. Other quality-of-life features include NFC, so you can make contactless payments with the watch through Google Pay, and 4 GB of internal storage in case you want to store some songs for offline playbacks.

Performance is surprisingly decent, considering the watch is powered by Qualcomm’s aging Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor. It does tend to stutter with some tasks like during setup when it installs or updates various apps, and calling Google Assistant is an arduous process. But mostly, interactions with this watch have been smooth and problem-free for most users, it is likely due to the RAM bump to 1GB which previously it was only 512MB.

The Mobvio Ticwatch Pro added a sleep tracking feature, you will need to download an app on the watch called TicSleep. It is surprisingly accurate, offering up detailed metrics of how long you slept, breaking the data down to show how much of your deep sleep, REM, light sleep and if you are awake. If you want, you can set it to deliver an alarm based on the time it thinks you should wake up.

There are a plethora of activities you can track with Mobvio Ticwatch Pro, whether you are using Google Fit Workout or TicExercise, including swim tracking thanks to the watch’s IP68 water-resistance rating. You will be satisfied with the fitness features the Mobvio Ticwatch Pro offers, particularly if you are a casual athlete, and it will be even better if you add LTE connectivity as then you can leave your phone at home or in the car while doing your sports activity or being in a business meeting.



8.5Expert Score
Mobvio Ticwatch Pro
Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro
Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro is a solid smartwatch with decent performance, 4G LTE connectivity and a clever layered display that conserves battery life. Although it is an improvement over its previous models, the Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro adopts too many of the original's shortcomings, including its bulky watch housing and outdated processor.
  • Clever dual-screen set up
  • Premium, durable construction
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Design is bulky
  • Wear OS still needs work
  • Sluggish performance
  • Heavy