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Mobvio TicWatch E2 Specifications

  • Release
    January, 2019
  • Device Name
    Mobvoi TicWatch E2
  • Device Type
    Sports Smartwatch
  • Ideal for (Gender)
    Both Men & Women
  • Device Model
    TicWatch E2
  • Box Items
    Watch, Charger, Docs
  • Predecessor
    Ticwatch E
  • Shape
  • Case Dimensions
    46.9 x 52.2 x 12.9 mm
  • Case/Bezel
  • Strap Material
  • Strap/Band Size
    22 mm
  • Replaceable Band
  • Weight
    53 g

Smartwatches are getting more affordable, and Mobvoi is helping to lead the charge. The Chinese company is still relatively unknown but has consistently produced budget smartwatches, that are featured-packed for the price, even though they won’t win any beauty contest. The most affordable to date also happens to be Mobvoi’s latest, the TicWatch E2, just for the price of $160.

The Mobvio TicWatch E2 design

The Mobvio TicWatch E2 is no showstopper. It is a thick, simple-looking watch that won’t tug at heartstrings, but it’s not ugly or unpleasant. That is unlike the TicWatch S2, the E2 is a sportier and more durable twin, which has an unattractive design.

While the E2 design is great, looking more masculine, and could benefit from a smaller-sized option with the current size of 46mm. The E2 looks comically large on slim wrists, and a part oft hat is due to its 12mm thickness. It is to fit a larger battery, which we appreciate, but the chunkiness is still unappealing.

The Mobvio TicWatch E2 lugs, case, weight, and bezel

The lugs on Mobvio TicWatch E2 don’t jut too much, and the bezel is raised from the display, meaning there is less chance of seeing scratches or cracks on the glass covering the screen It is also lightweight, and the polycarbonate body feels more expensive than its price suggests. There is a lined patterned surrounding the bezel that tends to attract dust and lint, though, so you will likely be cleaning the watch often.

The 139-inch AMOLED-screen is large, making it easy to read notifications at a quick glance. There is no ambient light sensor, but we set the display to the level-two brightness and had no issues seeing it in broad daylight. It is colorful, and the black is so deep they blend into the bezel. Best of all, the screen has a 400×400 resolution, so the content looks sharp.

The Mobvio TicWatch E2 strap

The 22mm silicone strap picks up dust quite easily as well, however, it is very comfortable to wear and pleasant to touch. It has a high-quality feel and is more than adequate for handling sweat during exercise. You may want to purchase another strap for more formal attire. The jet black strap of the Mobvio TicWatch E2 is good enough to go with most outfits. The strap is interchangeable, but the quick release pins are tough to unfasten if you don’t have long nails.

The Mobvio TicWatch E2 right button

The button on the right of the watch is the only button, which is used to access the App drawer, or you can press and hold the trigger Google Assistant. We wish it jutted out a little more so it could be rotated to scroll through the Wear OS interface.

The Mobvio TicWatch E2 operating system

The Mobvio TicWatch E2 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, which debuted in early 2016. It delivers decent performance, but the newer Wear 3100 processor arrived late 2018 and we’re disappointed it’s not being used here, as it delivers slightly improved battery life and fitness tracking. Mobvoi advised that the Wear 3100 chip needs to be optimized more, while using the Wear 2100 chip in the Mobvio TicWatch E2 helps keeps costs down.

The Mobvio TicWatch E2 feels fluid in most day-to-day tasks, but the occasional lag or stutter does crop up, such as when downloading apps, triggering Google Assistant, or responding to notifications. It is nowhere near as speedy as the Apple Watch Series 4, but considering you are simply looking at notifications most of the time, you likely won’t run into too many issues with the performance.

The Mobvio TicWatch E2 battery life

The Wear OS interface, that Google recently redesigned, is easy to use. It is swipe-based, so you swipe right, left, up, and down to access different menus. For instance, you can swipe left from the main watch face to access TicHealth, which shows basic fitness statistics. If you don’t want to use Mobvoi’s app, you can swap it for Google Fit.

You can respond to notifications, talk to Google Assistant to control your smart home, see traffic alerts, measure your heart rate, and use the GPS to track distance. The only function the Mobvio TicWatch E2 does not offer that most modern Wear OS watches do, is contactless payments with Google Pay.

The Mobvio TicWatch E2 fitness tracking

The only software features that make the Mobvio TicWatch E2 stand out from other Wear OS watches are the pre-installed Mobvoi apps, where there are quite a few. TicRanking lets you compare your fitness stats and lets you see how far along you are to hitting your goals. TicExercise is a manual way of starting activity tracking, it supports running, walking, swimming, and cycling.

The data showed on the screen while tracking activity is nicely laid out, and easy to see at a glance, which is important when checking the watch in the middle of a run.

One of the Mobvio TicWatch E2 new features is TicMotion, which is Mobvoi’s take on using artificial intelligence to deliver stronger fitness tracking features. It starts with fully-automated activity recognition, which will detect whether you are running, walking or sleeping without requiring you to open any app. The automatic sleep tracking is not available yet, but we have yet to see the watch automatically detect when running.

The second part of TicMotion is swim monitoring, with the ability to track stroke type, speed, and lap time. We have not had a chance to try this out yet. More TicMotion software features will be available over the coming months, including the ability to launch apps by flicking the watch away from you.




8.5Expert Score
Mobvio TicWatch E2
Mobvio TicWatch E2 is a fascinating smartwatch with a decent design plus a lots of fitness tracking features. It is one of the leading smartwatch on the market today.
  • Stylish and elegant sporty design
  • A great choice for fitness tracking
  • Water-proof great for tracking swimming
  • Quite impressive battery life
  • It has a built-in microphone
  • There is no NFC
  • Lacks ambient light sensor
  • Runs on Snapdragon 2100 which is outdated