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Sinn U1

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Sinn U1 Specifications

Brand: Sinn
Model: U1 Tegimented reference SI-255
Price: $2,420
Size: 44mm x 15mm (50mm lug to lug)
Weight: 190g on bracelet and 173g or 155g on rubber straps (large and small buckle)

Sinn U1 is the ultimate tool watch. Sinn are typically rugged, water-resistant, and usually, offer some means to measure elapsed time. The UI is a new watch from Sinn, it is in fact, the flagship diver from this German brand better known for its pilot watches. Those who prefer dive watches that run silent and deep over those with name recognition tout the UI as one of the best in the business. But for some Sinn fans, there was room for improvements.

The Sinn Ui is already an eminently capable dive watch, but the professional version adds an additional level of toughness making it, in our opinion, one of the best true dive watches available on the market today.

The Sinn UI water-resistance level

The Sinn UI has an amazing 1,000-meter water-resistant case, which is made from same steel like that used for the hulls of the German Navy’s submarines. The uni-directional bezel is also made from the same steel and is held “captive” by screws to prevent it from being knocked loose.

The Sinn UI bezel

The Sinn UI bezel has a hardening process called “Tegiment” for surface-hardening steel, making the watch highly scratch resistance, however, for the Professional, the entire 44mm case is hardened. Between its matte finish and the Tegiment hardening, the watch takes on a dark grey hue, almost like titanium. From some angles, it even looks black.

The Bezel on the Professional model is black and ratchets counterclockwise with 60 reassuring, if slightly loose, clicks. It sits a bit wider than the case diameter, which makes gripping it a cinch.

The Sinn UI movement

Inside this magnificently over-engineered case ticks a Sellita SW-200 self-winding movement from which the date function was deleted at Shortell’s suggestion, for even more stripped-down singleness of purpose, timing a dive. Sellita Caliber is perfectly adequate in this watch, the movement is perfectly hidden behind a thick, solid case back.

The Sinn U1 strap

The Sinn rubber strap is more comfortable since it reduces the weight considerably (173g). However, the Sinn folding clasp is sub-par, while great-looking, it is large and scratches easily and also not micro-adjustable.

The Sinn U1 overall review

Overall, while not the perfect dive watch, many divers have been satisfied with its performance and comfort. The simplicity of the Bauhaus design coupled with the unique engineering and style made it an excellent companion during dive adventures.

5.5Expert Score
Sinn U1
Sinn U1
Sinn U1 is an interesting watch, with a simple yet sturdy design that any divers would simply love.
  • Simple dial with Bauhaus design with nothing superfluous or unneeded
  • The bracelet diver’s extension is not easily micro-adjustable