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Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27

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Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft Specifications

  • Movement: Seiko 7s26 Automatic (self-winding)
  • Case: Rectangular stainless steel,40mm across x 12mm thick. 46mm tip to tip
  • Back: Exhibition screw-in back
  • Crystal: Hardened Mineral
  • Band: Brown leather strap, 22mm lug
  • Water Resistant: 50 meters

An interesting series coming out of Seiko’s factories is the “Recraft” line. These are modern watches with vintage design cues at an affordable price point. Akin to a Seiko 5 series but not necessarily so. I believe Seiko found that the current level of quality required of a Seiko 5 with the 4R winding and hacking movement will require them to price it to a level that would not make Seiko 5’s the cheap value for money watches it used to be.

To solve the affordability issue, Seiko created the “Recraft” line that firmly puts the brand in the hands of the masses. I have collected a number of watches under this more affordable line and they are truly value-for-money works of art.

The latest into the collection is the Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27. This is a square-shaped watch that is seldom seen in the realm of Seiko. The Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27 is made out of stainless steel, it is 40 mm horizontally and 46 mm vertically. It also has a thickness of 12 mm thick. Lug width is 22 mm, the watch is paired with a leather strap with a signed buckle.

Powered by Seiko legendary 7S26 caliber workhorse, it creates a package that is hard to beat when it comes to capabilities at such a low price point.

The design of Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27

The Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27 is part of a trio of rectangle type watches launched recently by Seiko. The other member of the trio is the SNKP23 which is a metal bracelet and the SNKP25 with black leather strap and brown dial. The Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27 is a handsome watch, the rectangle shape of the watch casing has that vintage look that is seldom found in modern watch designs. Although the sharp angles between the sidewall and the bezel as well as the sidewall and the bottom surface are magnets for dents, it looks cool nonetheless.

The dial on Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27

The dial on Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27 is designed to have two distinctive levels. The lower level is circular while the upper level follows the rectangular shape of the watch casing. Both levels are predominantly in sunburst dark green.

There are only three lines of text on the dial, all located on the lower level. The brand Seiko is gold-plated whereas the other two are in white. There are also hour markers in the form of white dots on this level. Meanwhile, the day and date wheels are based on a white background. The day function has 2 language options in English and Spanish.

The upper level has a thin black ring and the inner edge and minute markers in the shape of white lines are located in this area as well. Beyond this area, the minute markers transitioned to bright green lines and extend the right to the other edge of the dial. Gold-plated rectangle plates are used as hour markers on this level. Apart from the 3 o’clock and 12 o’clock hour markers, all the rest are similar in design. Do note the intermittent border wall in very dark green at the outer edge of the dial.

The minutes and hour hands are rectangle and gold-plated. Their center sections are painted with Seiko Luminous paint. Lumibrite. Meanwhile, the seconds’ hands are pin-like and also gold plated.

The casing on Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27

As highlighted earlier, this rectangle shaped watch is made of stainless steel with a flat surface and angled corners. A mixture of polished and brushed surfaces gives a nice texture combination that reinforces its vintage design. With dimensions 40mm horizontal, 46 mm vertical and 12 mm tall, this “Recraft” is smaller than other watches under this vintage-style series.

The short hooded lugs with width of 22 mm help reduce the overall size even further. The watch sits firmly on the wrist without any overhang of the lugs. Those with thinner wrist will find this design very accommodating. The dial is protected by Seiko’s proprietary Hardlex crystal. It has a flat surface with beveled edges and the surface extends about 0.5 mm above the bezel. This gives another interesting visual cue but also exposes the crystal to potential side impact.

The crown is a simple tubular-shaped crown approximately 6 mm wide located at the 3 o’clock position. It has fine groves on the barrel surface while the top has a polished surface. Using a push-in system, it has 3 positions, first is a lock, second adjust the day and date, and the third adjusts the time.

The watch comes with a screw-down display case-back also made of Hardlex crystal. On it, you will find the serial number of the watch as well as additional information such as the maker as well as the water-resistant level. This watch is rated for 5 ATM or 50 meters.

The movement on Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27

The movement on Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27 is the classic 7S26C workhorse by Seiko. It has 21 jewels with a power reserve of approximately 40+ hours, It is a non-winding and non-hacking movement with day and date complications. Although not as accurate as more modern designs, it is dependable and can take a lot of abuse More importantly, it is affordable to make and that helps keep prices low.

The strap on Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27

The strap attached to the watch is stressed double-layered brown calf leather with border stitching. It comes with a signed buckle. It tapers from 22mm at the lugs to 19mm at the buckle. Unlike typical leather straps, the tail is squared off instead of shaped to a pointed tip.

End-to-end, the strap extends to 24 cm. It is capable of securing the watch to a wrist with a maximum circumference of 21 cm or 8.3 inches.

Overall Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27 review

The watch sits firmly on the wrist. The short hooded lugs make this watch very wearable even for those with thinner wrists. The double-layered brown leather straps pairs nicely with the casing. Visually, the dual tiered dial surface gives the perception of depth which ties in with long sloping sides of the casing. My only comment is that instead of a circular second tier, it would be more appropriate for it to be shaped similar to the watch casing.


9.5Expert Score
Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27
Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27
Seiko Men’s Solar Recraft SNKP27 is beautiful watch with a classic design. It is automatic mechanical and has a power reserve up to 41 hours.
  • Fits perfectly
  • Excellent watch for the price
  • Retro design is exceptional
  • No lume
  • Watch is unreadable at night
  • Leather does break over time