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Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch

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Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch Specifications

Size: 10.25” x 1.5” x 0.5”

Weight: 2.24 ounces

Dial: 1.28 inches

Color: Black

Battery life: 90 days in non-GPS mode and 10-12 hours in GPS mode

Water-resistant: Yes

Callaway attempt to crack into the golf market by creating Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch. It is produced by IZZO and marketed by the Callaway. Callaway GPSy is slim golf that has a nice sized face for displaying the relevant information. It is a solid meat and potatoes watch because the price is very affordable for everybody. If you are looking for a golf GPS watch in the market, this is the best one for you because it’s lightweight, easy to read and affordable.


The Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch provides you the yardage to all greens, hazards and dogleg positions on the course. Its watch face is in a rectangle shape which is opposed to a round watch face. It gives the watch more surface area to be able to display yardages to several points on the golf course. This golf watch is subtle but the important design difference will make it a great watch for golfers who have difficulties seeing the yardages on the small golf watches so also to who like a simple and clean design.

The Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch comes with a scorekeeper function that can track scores, greens in regulation and putts per round. It’s a great small update of this watch that can give you a game improvement tech right on your wrist. Because of this feature, the post-round analysis is much easy and you can separate the strengths and weaknesses of your game.

The Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch is pre-loaded with over 30,000 golf courses. It is fewer compared to Garmin products but it’s enough to cover any municipal golf course or private club. Callaway GPSy doesn’t have the drawbacks of a subscription-based device so also it does not require subscriptions or monthly fees. You need no turn on after charging this golf watch. Just plug this golf watch into your computer to run the software for any course updates that are available.

The Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch measures 10.25” x 1.5” x 0.5”, 1.28” and weighs 2.24oz. Its screen can be read even in sunlight and it’s in rectangle shape which makes it easy to see the golf watch during the sunny days. Even if this golf watch does not have a touch screen, its design is simple and provides the golfer with accurate yardage to almost all relevant points on the golf course.

The battery life of Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch would last up to 90 days in non-GPS mode and 10-12 hours in GPS mode. It means that you could be able to get 36 holes of golf in before you recharge it for the next round.


For those golfers who are looking for a golf watch that is sleep, simple and lightweight, Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch is the best for them. It’s not jam-packed with all kinds of them but it can give you exactly what you need in order to improve your scores. Also, it provides you with accurate yardages, digital scorekeeper plus solid battery life. All in all, Callaway GPSy is one of the best golf watches in the market today so better grab one!

8.5Expert Score
Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch
Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch
Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch provides fast, accurate distances to greens, hazards and doglegs through the convenience and comfort of a watch.
  • Solid battery life
  • No membership or subscription requirement
  • Scorekeeper technology for post-round analysis
  • Accurate
  • Does not include a touch screen
  • No connectivity for online comparison
  • Limited functionality when compared to the newest technology available